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Oct 06th


Relationship 101: The power of the first creation

Relationship 101: The power of the first creationAll things are created twice – the mental or the first creation, and the physical or the second creation.

Motivational Moments: How you handle adversity

Motivational Moments: How you handle adversityWhat is the definition of being strong?

Who defines if you are a strong person or not? Is your strength measured by your actions or the things that you do on a regular basis? Strength has nothing to do with your muscles, and everything to do with the way you handle life's adversities.

THE MOORE THERAPY MOVEMENT!: The elephant in the room

THE MOORE THERAPY MOVEMENT!: The elephant in the roomThe Elephant in the Room.

Why do we have such a huge problem with talking about whatever it is that needs to be talked about in our relationships with our friends, family, church organizations, etc.? I see time and time again people who would rather avoid addressing issues, avoid facing the truth, and avoid being their most genuine selves, instead of being open and honest about how they are feeling.

The complexity of simplicity

The complexity of simplicityRelationships are complicated.

They are based on multiple variables that are constantly changing. You must also factor in the prospective, perception and priorities that each person brings to the relationship. With all of these moving parts, relationships can be a mathematical and emotional nightmare. Unfortunately, this is the challenge that is facing the modern day relationship. There is hope, but it will require you to be different. If your relationship is to be successful, you must learn to simplify the complexity.

Being happy

Being happyDo you ever look at people and wonder why they seem to be happy all the time?

Things for which I am grateful

Things for which I am gratefulEvery once in a while I like to stop and think about all of the things in my life for which I am grateful.

I stop and think about my family, my friends, the work that I am blessed to do and all of the wonderful opportunities that await me on a daily basis. This helps me to stay focused and also helps me to have a more humbling spirit, which is very important to me.

Healing for the feminine soul

Healing for the feminine soulThis is my third and final commentary on healing.

The previous two commentaries were on healing for the Black family, and healing for the masculine soul. This week, I would like to address the topic of healing for the feminine soul.
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