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Feb 13th


What does it mean to be submissive

"Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord" (Ephesians 5:22). What does it mean to be submissive? Throughout my travels, the word "submit" or the concept of being submissive has always been a volatile topic. Just because the Bible says wives submit to your husband does not mean everyone believes it to be true. Some women view the word as reminder of an archaic time when it was believed that a woman's place was in the home bare-foot and pregnant.

Maximize your harvest this season despite limited time, space and energy

Maximize your harvest this season despite limited time, space and energyIncrease your garden's productivity even when space, time and energy are limited. Just follow these six simple planting, maintenance and harvesting techniques for a more bountiful harvest.

The power of purpose

We all have a purpose in life. We were all created to do something that is greater than the accumulation of wealth. Real success in life can only be measured by the accomplishment of your intended purpose. You are successful when you do what you were created to do. Until we truly understand why we are here, we can never put the energy needed to bring it to pass. We are greatest when we know our divine purpose.

I am simply Moore

On May 5, while some were out celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I was at home preparing a syllabus for a course I am teaching this summer.

'Mama, what would I do without you?'

'Mama, what would I do without you?'America celebrates Mother's Day this Sunday

( - As young as 5 years old, Twan Woods would wake up at night and hear his mother having a seizure. He would know exactly what to do. He would run into her bedroom, hold her, put a cold rag in her mouth, comfort her and keep her from falling until it was over, he recalls.

"My Mom, she's a sick lady. She's like, handicapped, she's been like that all her life," said the 37-year-old who grew up in Ward 8, a crime-ridden section of South East Washington, D.C.


How to NOT dislike your mother?

How to NOT dislike your mother?As Mother's Day comes closer, some children and mothers may feel the dread of this day – as their experience of it has had been awkward and stressful.

Gainful employment develops responsibility

Every man and young man should have a job. The Lord placed the first man in the garden to work because work develops responsibility. The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it (Genesis 2:15). A woman should know if a man is responsible before she enters a relationship with him. It is best to find this out before emotions are involved because emotions can get in the way of good judgment. Five of the most important words a woman can say to a man are "Do you have a job?" not because she wants to know how much he makes, but to determine whether or not he has had experience in shouldering responsibility.
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