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Oct 07th


Pets exposed more than humans

Pets exposed more than humans Dear EarthTalk: What are some tips for keeping my dogs and cats healthy?
-- Kim Newfield, via e-mail

You are the master of your fate

I am the master of my fate; I am captain of my soul (William Ernest Henley)

Our life is made up of series of choices and consequences. The moment we decide to take full responsibility for the things that happen in our life, it will begin to change for the better. The things we say about ourselves will always supersede the things said by others. You serve as the numerator in your life equation and the people in your life serve as the denominator. When others bring spiritual, emotional, and financial value equal to yours, your life becomes one or whole. On the other hand, when they bring emotional, financial, and spiritual baggage that is greater than you and your resources, your life becomes a fraction of what it should be. To become the master of your fate, you must first take ownership of your choices.

The importance of being relevant leaders

On Saturday January 19, the 2013 MN COGIC Leadership Conference workshops were held, and I was asked to be one of the panel speakers. The subject was "The Importance of being Relevant Leaders." As I pondered the theme, my mind took me back to my days in the Marine Corps. I was a 21 years old Sergeant responsible for 40 other marines. How much more relevant could a leader be then knowing that his decisions could result in the life or death of others.

Saving energy with white roofs

Saving energy with white roofsDear EarthTalk: I've heard that simply painting your roof white can reduce household electricity bills by 40 percent. Is this something any of us can do? -- Susan Pierson, Sumter, SC

Metro Transit 2012 ridership tops 81 million

Metro Transit 2012 ridership tops 81 millionCustomers boarded Metro Transit buses and trains more than 81 million times in 2012 – an increase of 165,044 rides (0.2%) over 2011. Ridership on the Hiawatha light-rail line was the highest in the line's history at 10.5 million.

Winter sports scene hot in Minnesota

Fall and early winter have been interesting times on the Minnesota sports scene.

Why we can't wait

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born January 15, 1929. This month, all over the country and the world events and activities will be held to commemorate his contributions and achievements with are many and noteworthy. He was a leader, preacher, activist, and writer. I believe one of his greatest works was written in 1963 from his jail cell in Birmingham Alabama. Without the aid of any reference material, Dr. King wrote the 20 page letter on the margin of the newspapers and other scrap pieces of paper. He words in the letter were so thought-provoking and powerful that they still resonate today.
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