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Oct 06th


Gone to Ghana: Harvest Festival

Gone to Ghana: Harvest FestivalCordie Aziz is a former congressional staffer who moved to Ghana after losing her job in January 2011. Follow her daily adventures at

The Fetu Afahye Festival Harvest Festival takes place the first Saturday in September and is one of the biggest and brightest festivals Ghana has to offer. Intended to honor the Gods of harvesting, this festival attracts thousands each year and consists of two days of non-stop celebration. Of course, I didn’t know anything about this until I haphazardly showed up the first Saturday in September.

Late season care for your garden

Late season care for your gardenSix things to do now for a better garden next year

As the summer garden season nears an end, don’t let your guard down.  Keeping up with a few basic chores can improve your landscape’s beauty and reduce your workload next season.

Continue weeding.  Removing weeds now before they go to seed will eliminate hundreds of weeds next season.  Destroy invasive weeds, those that have gone to seed and perennials that may root in the compost pile.  And mulch the soil if you haven’t already done so.

New study finds resistance training in first trimester of pregnancy beneficial to mother and child

New study finds resistance training in first trimester of pregnancy beneficial to mother and child Staying healthy during pregnancy is something most women prioritize, but when it comes to exercise, how much is too much?

In the past, pregnant women have had little accurate information concerning the effects resistance training may have during their pregnancy. However, this month, a first-of-its-kind study found that an exercise routine including resistance training in the first trimester is extremely beneficial to mother and child, and has no correlation to increased risk of complications during pregnancy. In fact it may also help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension.

Equality does not mean attacking male self worth

Equality does not mean attacking male self worthAfter reading a piece in Insight News (MN Metro Vol. 37 No. 28, pg 10) last month that discussed global stress levels of women and requested additional help from men, I thought it was an appropriate time to elaborate on what that help might look like. I have written a piece that elaborates on some of the ways shifts in behavior and thinking can contribute to a reduction of stress levels amongst women, Black women in particular.

Easy ways to brighten-up your home

Easy ways to brighten-up your homeDoes your home feel drab or dark? Are you tired of the same old rooms and color schemes? 

There are many easy, cost-effective ways to brighten your home’s appearance, cheering up its occupants in the process. 

From fresh coats of paint to sunny lighting schemes to lively window treatments, small changes can have a big impact on your home. And some projects can be tackled in just one short weekend.

Yo’ Money and Mo’ Money: Strategies for Financial Wellness

Yo’ Money and Mo’ Money:  Strategies for Financial Wellness

One of my favorite lines about money comes from the vintage movie, Trading Places, which features Eddie Murphy as a petty con-artist, Billy Ray Valentine, who is befriended by two billionaire brothers, Mortimore and Randall Duke.  In their social experiment, the Dukes seek to discover what would happen in Billy Ray’s life if he were given an opportunity to have a good paying job, a nice car and home.  As the brothers begin to justify their “kindess,” they turn to Billy Ray to assure that he fits the stereotype of a “poor, Negro” by asserting:  “I’m sure that you came from a broken home,” to which he quickly replied: “Yeah, we were broke, so what?”


Watching anything good this summer?

Well, we’re a little more than half-way through these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. You can tell because the barrage of back-to-school commercials, which started in July, has intensified. Like holiday advertising, they seem to begin earlier every year (the Pearson-McNeil household is already prepared)! Besides the back-to-school ads, the escalating plugs for the new fall line-ups have me excited about TV again. What are you watching this summer?
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