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Nov 28th


(Style on a Dime) Keeping school skills sharp in summer

I have truly enjoyed my first couple of weeks of summer vacation --the sleeping in, the slower pace, and no homework. I feel like I did nearly as much homework as my children this past school year (although they probably wouldn’t agree).  Our biggest challenge was math.  My daughter struggled and my husband and I (mainly my husband) spent a lot of time helping her.

Arboretum presents ‘Waterosity’ Summer Exhibition

Arboretum presents ‘Waterosity’ Summer Exhibition What’s bubbling up at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this summer?  Fresh thinking about people, plants and water!  Waterosity: Go Green with a Splash, the 2009 summer exhibition, is running now and continues through October 4.

Bringing together the voices of artists, scientists and horticulturalists, “Waterosity” will celebrate this most precious, life-giving resource in thought-provoking and playful installations and exhibits for all ages.

(Style on a Dime) Give your place a summer facelift

(Style on a Dime) Give your place a summer faceliftMy girlfriend recently moved into a new home and found out that her nearly new guest bed no longer fit into her spare bedroom which also doubles as her home office.  That’s where I come in.  For a while I had been thinking of replacing my youngest daughter’s twin bed with a full-sized one, but was in no real hurry.   When my friend offered it at a price I couldn’t refuse, I jumped on it. My nine-year-old daughter was thrilled to have a new white four-poster bed (it sits so high off the ground that she has to take a running start and leap onto it!) and needless to say I was delighted by the price.
Read more... helps homeowners turn garbage into compost

Warm weather is finally here to stay, and many Twin Cities residents are embarking on the annual spring-time ritual of yard clean-up and planting gardens. encourages gardeners to compost fruit and vegetable scraps along with yard waste in back yard compost bins.

(Style on a Dime) End-of-school count down

(Style on a Dime) End-of-school count downEach night, for the last month or two, one of my three children has been keeping me current on the end-of-school count down.  Little do they know, I’m keeping close track myself-I am as ready for them to be finished as they are.  We ALL need a break.  My oldest child will be an eighth-grader this fall, but lately I have been thinking about how quickly these 13 years have passed by-and how much faster the next five years will zoom before me.

(Style on A Dime) Earn extra cash doing what you love

Like most young girls around 10 years old, I remember spending hours combing my doll’s hair, giving haircuts, and making her outfits.  After a while, I became the self-appointed hair stylist for all my neighborhood friends.   I was the best around (at least in my own mind).

(Style on Dime) Gale Woods Farm teaches kids agriculture-food role

Nearly two months ago, towards the end of my children’s spring break, I decided that I wanted to plan one last free or cheap outing before school resumed. My friend suggested that I consider visiting Gale Woods Farm. She described it as a place where you can have a hands-on type of experience with animals and farm life. To be quite honest, I am not particularly fond of being around stinky farm animals, but I thought, “It’s not about me; this is for my kids, and I want to expose them to a variety of encounters.” And my next thought was, “plus the price is right-around $25 for the whole family.”

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