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Feb 06th


No need to fear, just calm the atmosphere: Children and mental health disorders

No need to fear, just calm the atmosphere: Children and mental health disordersI have two wonderful boys named Austin and Chris ages 9 and 4.

I describe Chris as an "old soul" that is calm and reserved, slow to react, and when he speaks, his words are meaningful. Austin's personality is comparatively like mine, independent, robust and he has an attitude to be reckoned with. Austin's birth was just like his personality -- very tough. I was diagnosed with placenta previa, which caused me to give birth to Austin six weeks early, October 2010 instead of December. As I observed Austin's behavior develop, like any mother, I prayed for the best; especially since he was considered premature.

Are you happy? Here are five ways to tell

Are you happy? Here are five ways to tellWhat does happiness look like to you? Do you wake up every morning thinking about how happy your life is? Truth is, not many of us do. Most people go through life looking for ways and situations that will make them happy. The definition of happiness means many different things to different people. To me happiness is spending time with family over meals and good times. We laugh, eat, play games and talk about old times.

20th anniversary of the Million Man March

20th anniversary of the Million Man MarchAs I prepare in my heart and mind to attend the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March on October 10, 2015, it is hard to wrap my mind around what has happened these last 20 years. My then 10-year-old son Tim II will turn 30 on the day of the march, and he is a father of two sons, Tim III and Titus. My son and I have both had several firsthand experiences of the abuse of power by the police, and we both wonder when this system of racial inequality will be replaced with one of fairness and justice. This current system of justice cannot be allowed to continue.

Motivational Moments: Being excited about what's next

Motivational Moments: Being excited about what's nextAre you excited about what's next for you on your journey of self-growth? Are you looking forward to a brighter future? Does the thought of new adventures make you smile? If any of these are true for you, then you are in good company! I know so many people who are living this exact life. They are individuals who are working on goals and achieving them.

Seniors bring lifetime of skills to workplace

Seniors bring lifetime of skills to workplaceAt a Labor Day gathering, I was talking to a business professional who related his experience in hiring older adults. He was very direct: "They show up on time, they have a solid work ethic, and they bring customer service skills with them so they need minimal training." That's a strong testimonial, and one worthy of a generation of older adults who understand the importance of hard work. Many seniors grew up during the Depression or World War II and experienced deprivation and struggle. They quickly learned that the secret to keeping a job is showing up and giving your best.

What it means to be a "grand" parent

What it means to be a A couple months ago my 12th grandchild was born. Titus is a handsome baby boy born to my son Tim II and his wife Shaunte, and my 9th grandson who will carry on the Houston name. While some of my family and friends have nice alternatives names they prefer their grandchildren to use, I prefer the title "granddad". Just consider the synonyms for grand – outstanding, majestic, splendid, magnificent, and you understand why. Grandparents are just that, "grand", and as grandparents, we are uniquely tasked with enriching our grandchildren's lives.

Motivational Moments: Happiness is...

Motivational Moments: Happiness is...The strangest thing happened to me the other day. I was talking with an individual about what makes a person happy. He stated how he does not know what true happiness feels like. He also stated that he has been unhappy for most of his life. His story made me so sad. Not because he had this negative outlook on life, but because he didn't realize what would make him happy.
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