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Oct 22nd


Overcoming personal stress with pending uncertainty

Overcoming personal stress with pending uncertaintyDo you know what the future holds in 2014 for you? Are you now dreading the holiday season with more demands on the job, an unconcerned boss about your personal welfare, and new threats of pending layoffs? All of these things create stress and anxiety for working professionals as the holiday season approaches. Many smart buyers do not want to overspend in this economic crisis, creating a situation where the economy recovers even slower. Leadership strategists offer advice to working professionals during the holiday season to reduce stress related to all the uncertainties in 2014.

Three steps to a happier new you in the New Year!

Three steps to a happier new you in the New Year!Another New Year is upon us. This is a good time to make lasting resolutions. I am a firm believer that if you change nothing, then nothing will change. To be better and happier, you have to be willing to make changes. These changes must come from within you. Small changes inwardly can have monumental impact outwardly. Start the New Year off with change for the better. Here are three steps to a happier new you in the New Year.

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

What is the real meaning of Christmas?What is the real meaning of Christmas? With all of the hustle and bustle taking place, it is a good time to reflect on that question. In 1965, CBS debut the animated TV special "A Charlie Brown Christmas". At the beginning of the program, the main character Charlie Brown is not sure of the real meaning of Christmas. He confides in Linus that even though Christmas is approaching, he still feels depressed due to the over-commercialization of Christmas. Is Christmas over-commercialized? That is an individual question. I do believe that if we don't keep the real meaning of Christmas in mind, we may also become depressed or overwhelmed. Here are some Christmas lessons you can learn from Charlie Brown.

Motivational Moments: Goals

Motivational Moments: GoalsWith the end of the year approaching, here is how I like to end my year.

Take your time and read my advice, and maybe it will help you to move closer to achieving some of your goals. Identify exactly what goal you want to work on and see yourself completing it. There is power in a visual picture. If you can see yourself accomplishing it, then it will become a reality.

Greener holidays

Greener holidaysDear EarthTalk: What are some ideas for being greener this holiday season?
-- Beth Livingston, Camden, NJ

Are you really a friend?

My friend Pastor Lawrence Knighton posted this on his Facebook page and I was so impressed with his question and answers that I thought I would share it. Pastor Knighton's question of the day was: "Are you really a friend?" Because the word friend is used so freely in relationships and in general, he wanted to share what attributes a real friend has. Pastor Knighton went on to say that a real friend does what he calls the 3 E's. Real friends educate, evaluate and elevate you.

Motivational Moments: Time to think of goals for next year

During this season so many of us go out of our way to bring happiness to others, be it through holiday get-togethers, giving presents to loved ones, or giving to others in need. But this season as you do all those wonderful things, I want you to remember to also think about yourself. All too often, we spend so much time making sure everyone else's needs are met, that we forget about our own needs.
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