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Feb 13th

Nobody asked me but it's time for immigration reform

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Nobody asked me, but I see a country where hundreds of thousands of folks enter the country every year to harvest the nation's veggies.

The government calls them "undocumented workers," but you can bet Dole and the other major producers of lettuce, cauliflower, etc. know exactly who they are. Not only do these workers have no health care, they have no legal rights whatsoever. They are raped and mistreated in every way imaginable; yet, they come. Year after year after year, these workers come because economic conditions are so thoroughly abysmal in their home country, Mexico, that this is their best chance at feeding their families.

I mention this because it is an object lesson on what Americans will face if current trends continue. Where Republicans control state governments, unions are under attack. It sounds better on FOX TV if it's called right-to-work initiatives. Everyone should have a right to work, right?

The obstructionist Congress blocks every effort to put folks to work that it can. On April 24, no Republican Senators even attended the Senate Committee Hearing on Long-Term Unemployment. The more undocumented workers and people out of work, the less money and benefits will be demanded by potential employees as part of a job.

Collateral damage to this strategy of Congressional "do-nothingism" is that the "Darker Brother" in the White House is made to look ineffectual. While Republicans continue to oppose "Obamacare," they do regret having given it his name because it is being widely embraced by the people and will forever be part of his legacy.

Right-wing attempts to restrict women's access to abortions will have, where successful, the effect of saddling poor and middle class families with unplanned, unwanted, hard-to-adequately-care-for children. Believe that the rich will have only those children they plan on. Doctors will make house calls to terminate their unplanned pregnancies, if they wish. No need for the wealthy to rely on clinics and women's rights advocate's facilities.

So, imagine more poor people than jobs available. More prisons than we need, but not quite as many as they need to gerrymander the population of poor, incarcerated people into solidly Republican gerrymandered towns; so that right-wing voting strength is maximized. Add long and arduous paths to citizenship for Latin-Americans because of the acts of two white Chechens, who were welcomed into the country, despite Russia's warnings. Remember, naturalized citizens who are white can enroll in school. "Undocumented workers" who aren't working, go hungry. I guess the Canadian workers who come into Detroit every morning for their workday must be "documented workers." That's the best of all worlds – an American job and Canadian healthcare.

This is the hill Hillary Clinton is resting up to climb for the run-up to the 2016 Presidential race. We better be ready to push her up that hill. White women are treated much better than brothers in this country. And I'm not sure corporations and the rich can stomach16 years of bad economic news for a shot at full political control. This may be likely, since the Republican right wing has found a way to govern as a minority.

Whoever said racism is dying in America hasn't been watching Republican antics since the last two Presidential elections. Sad thing is, most Americans seem to value quality and integrity. Really rich, mostly white, lions of industry are not handling their loss of influence well. Used to be that America believed anything said by a group of white guys in $1,000 suits. Now the suits have to cheat and lie even louder.

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