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Feb 10th

The Sound of Transformation: Sharing our stories through the Sounds of Blackness

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sounds-of-blacknessWhen it comes to telling the story of the African experience in America, the saga unfolds against the backdrop of sounds, voices, hymns and hollers that embody that journey. Each genre within the family of black music is an expression of our experience at each stage of progression, punctuating the timeline of history.

No other ensemble captures the rich tapestry of this experience better than The Sounds of Blackness. For over 40 years, the Grammy Award-winning choir has consistently performed and proclaimed the music, culture and history of African-Americans to audiences all over the world. Performing a range of sounds including Jazz and Blues to Rock & Roll, R&B, Gospel, Spirituals, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Soul, this group colors each and every “sound of blackness” with uplifting messages of hope, love, unity and peace for all humankind.

“The family of African-American music are all a large part of our testimony as a people”, says Gary Hines, Director of the acclaimed group. “We embrace and perform the music of our people and experience-hence our name.”

The mood during the Civil Rights Movement no doubt mirrored the antebellum period leading up to Emancipation: a people passionate, yet frustrated, bound and determined, fueled by intense righteous indignation. The only difference being a people hoping, waiting to be a people demanding equality and justice.

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation-and the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington-these sounds of struggle, hope, joy and blackness, are more compelling than ever serving as an authentic record of the tumultuous, yet triumphant times through the eyes of those lived it.


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