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Feb 10th

Warrant: Zimmerman had 5 guns when he was arrested

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george-zimmerman-nov.-2013When George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic battery in mid-November, the shotgun he allegedly pointed at his live-in girlfriend was not the only weapon he had on him.

A police search warrant that has been released to the public revealed that Trayvon Martin's killer was in possession of five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition at the time of his arrest. According to the warrant, Samantha Scheibe told officers that Zimmerman had pointed his 12-gauge shotgun at her when she said she was going to call police during an argument the pair were having, asking her if "she really wanted to do that." Scheibe said that Zimmerman locked her out of the house they shared while she called 911, barricading himself inside.

Police eventually entered the home and arrested Zimmerman without incident.

During a search of the house, the shotgun was found in a soft-sided case that had been locked with a combination lock. Also inside the case were an AR-15 assault rifle, a Glock 19 handgun, a Taurus 9mm pistol and an Interarms .380-caliber handgun.

The Taurus 9mm is similar to the Kel-Tec pistol Zimmerman, then a self-professed neighborhood watch captain, used to kill Martin in February 2012. The Justice Department kept that gun from being returned to Zimmerman after his acquittal last July, pending the outcome of its civil-rights investigation into the shooting. The Glock is a favorite among law-enforcement officers.

Zimmerman told police that he and Scheibe were separating and that he was planning to move to Texas, according to the police reports. He was stopped for speeding in the Lone Star State just a month after he was acquitted of murder in Martin's death, warning officers then that he had a handgun in his glove box. As a condition of his $9,000 bond for his domestic-battery arrest, Zimmerman must remain in the state of Florida until the case is resolved.

When Zimmerman's ex-wife, Shellie Zimmerman, called police in September, she told dispatchers that he had threatened her with a gun. Officers in that case, however, did not recover any firearms at all. Shellie Zimmerman also told police that her husband (they were separating at the time) had smashed her iPad with a pocket knife, which was among the confiscated items police detail in this latest warrant.

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