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Feb 07th

Making it official

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the proposal20Jamil Smith Cole and Michael Cole Smith are never ones to do the ordinary.

So when same sex couples were allowed to legally marry in Minnesota on Aug. 1 of last year, the two didn't rush out and get married on that day as many other couples did. The couple, who together own Talk of the Town Hair Salon, said that was too cliché, too ordinary.

"Everybody was pressuring us to do it (get legally married) on the first day but we want to do it how we want to do it," said Smith Cole. "Everyone was getting married at the courthouse. We're not courthouse people."

dancers will you marry me07"Plus in our heart of hearts we considered ourselves married anyway, so that first day didn't really matter to us," said Cole Smith.

Doing it how they want to do it is what brought the couple infamy and notoriety back in 2009 when the two got married in a commitment ceremony and the pictures of the wedding went viral on the Internet and the two were the ... well the talk of the town in a variety of social media outlets. Pictures of the Sept. 13, 2009 wedding showed the couple in opulent fashions with Cole Smith sporting a long, flowing relaxed hairstyle. Cole Smith's tuxedo was tailor made with the jacket flowing all the way to the ground. The photos made their way to several magazines and the couple was championed as heroes for gay marriage by many and jeered as a glaring reason to hold on to homophobic beliefs by many others. The two later became advocates for the NO H8 campaign to end homophobia and bullying.

dancers will you marry me08Now with same sex marriage being legal, the two have decided they will renew their vows – this time entitling them to legal married status. And the second time around the two are planning something just as extravagant.

"It won't be as large, but it will be just as grand," said Cole Smith, who said they have again set a wedding date of Sept. 13 – this time in 2015. "This time it's going to be a destination wedding."

dancers yes legally09The couple is trying to narrow down a location for the wedding, but said their options are limited because they must get married in a place that also legally recognizes gay marriage. Right now Hawaii and Paris are on the short list.

In choosing to get married again, Cole Smith decided to propose – something that wasn't done the first time around. And by now one can gather that the proposal was far from ordinary. Cole Smith arranged for a flash mob of dancers to perform a routine and at the end, they all took off their jackets and were wearing lettered shirts that read, "Will you marry me?"

vegas huff  led the dancers49"I was so clueless," said Smith Cole. "I knew someone was getting proposed to and I was like, oh that's so nice, but it didn't hit me as to who until I saw my name."

Smith Cole was recording the flash mob dancers on his cell phone camera and later posted the video with his reaction on Facebook.

Cole Smith said pulling off the stunt was a great challenge.

"I had to convince him it was a radio sponsored flash mob and I had to get Shed G (of KMOJ) involved and the choreographer couldn't tell any of the dancers who was getting proposed to, but then we had to get permission for a lot of the dancers because they were kids and their parents had to OK them doing the routine for a same sex couple, so it was pretty challenging," said Cole Smith.

jamil and michael35But that challenge was minuet compared to the obstacle of obtaining legal married status.

"Did we ever think it would be legal in Minnesota, hell no," said Cole Smith. "But did we fight for it anyway, yes, we did. And when it happened it was like Jesse Ventura winning and we're like, wow, it happened."

The couple said they will again post photos of their pending nuptials.

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