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Feb 12th

Kahn withstands Noor bid: Stephens, Chamblis advance to general election

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During a relatively quite primary season, several key races were decided on a day of light voter turnout.

noorstevenschamblisLast Tuesday's primary election dashed the hopes of Mohamud Noor, who fell just short of unseating Rep. Phyllis Kahn in the DFL primary for the 60B House seat. Noor was hoping to become the first Somali-American to be elected to the Minnesota House. Kahn edged out Noor 2,332 to 1,949.

"I'm disappointed by the results of (the) election but I'd like to say congratulations to Representative Phyllis Kahn and urge everyone in our district to support her this fall," said Noor in a statement. "I began my campaign with a message of unity and I'd like to end it with a message of unity. Let's put the bitterness and divisiveness of this campaign behind us and work together to get Senator (Al) Franken and Governor Dayton reelected, and to hold the House DFL majority so we can continue to build a progressive legacy in Minnesota. I look forward to working with Representative Kahn and other leaders in our community to build a stronger district and a better state."

The Aug. 12 primary saw a couple of Brooklyn Park candidates move a bit closer to making history – though both have tough opposition to overcome if they are to emerge victorious in November. Joy Marsh Stephens is seeking to become Brooklyn Park's first African-American Mayor and Reva Chamblis is hoping to become the first African-American elected to the Brooklyn Park City Council. Both garnered enough votes to advance to the November general election, but both trailed their races' leading vote getters by sizable margins.

Incumbent mayor, Jeffrey Joneal Lunde landed 60 percent of the votes cast to Marsh Stephens' 25 percent, leaving the challenger with a lot of work to do to overtake her opponent in November.

The road is a bit easier – but not without challenges – for Chamblis who garnered 582 primary votes. The leading vote getter in the race for East Ward Council Member was Terry Parks who won 834 votes.

The City Council race has become pretty nasty with Parks hurling sabotage accusations at Chamblis and her supporters. On Parks' campaign Facebook page, the candidate accused someone of hacking the page.

"This site (Facebook page) shuts down in a few days due to hacking from unwanted rodents," said a post supposedly written by Parks. The statement continued, "My final thought is this Teenagers (sic) pull up your pants and tighten your belt, Government (sic) you can do the same. Once you are out of high shool (sic) turn the bill of your hat to the front and get a job."

When asked who the "rodents" were, Parks replied, "The rodents are her (Chamblis') people."

In an earlier post on June 3 Parks urged people to, "Don't vote by the color of their skin or the party they belong too it's irrelevant for a City Council."

Parks is white, Chamblis is African-American.

The two will face off on Nov. 4 in the general election.

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