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Feb 11th

Green leader challenges Senate inaction on climate crisis

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phaedraThe Senate has delayed passing solutions to the climate crisis for months, always offering a political reason why the timing won't work, says Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Chief Executive Officer, Green For All.

“This Monday was the last straw,” Ellis-Lamkins said in a letter rallying the faithful to express discontent to Senate leaders. “Partisan politicking derailed the promised release of climate and energy legislation from Sens. John Kerry (MA), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Joe Lieberman (CT). And we were told to sit tight longer. This time, we won't.”

Times are too tough to let insider Washington politics stand in the way of millions of new jobs in the clean energy economy, she said. “The climate crisis is too big to ignore any longer.”

“A strong and comprehensive climate and energy bill can address both of these challenges. But not if elected officials in Washington continue to play political games and stick their heads in the sand,” she said.

Ellis-Lamkins urged supporters to call Senators to tell them their inaction on climate and clean energy is unacceptable. She provides an internet tool that lets Green for All make the call for you, connecting you with Senate leaders. She asks supporters to also call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (202) 224-3542 and President Obama (202) 456-1111 with the same message.

“It's time for real leadership that pushes for action this year. The devastating realities of a struggling economy and a destabilized planet are simply more important than our Senators' insider politics,” Ellis-Larkins said.


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