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Feb 06th

Be counted

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If you are part of the 20% of people in Minnesota who did not mail back a census form, you will soon receive a call or a knock on your door. Here is the information you need to be aware of as this next phase in the 2010 census effort kicks off.

- The U.S. Census will try to contact your household either in person or by phone up to six times or until counted.

- If no one is home:
1) Census takers will leave Notice of Visit hanging on the door, with phone number to call;
2) Residents may give their answers to census taker by telephone or call to schedule return visit;
3) Census takers will visit at different times of day;
4) As a last resort, census takers may ask landlords or neighbors for basic information about a home that does not respond after six tries.

- Identifying a census taker:
1) They are officials of the U.S. Department of Commerce;
2) Identification badge with watermark/seal and name of enumerator;
3) Black canvass shoulder briefcase with white U.S. Census Bureau logo;

- Census takers will:
1) Show their identification;
2) Ask to speak with responsible household member at least 15 years of age;
3) Give residents a written statement about the confidentiality of personal responses;
4) Ask only the ten questions on standard 2010 Census form and record answers themselves;
5) Ask residents to give answers again even if residents say they mailed back a form

Sworn interpreters may accompany census takers, as needed.  If census taker cannot communicate with anyone in household, they will show a card with short statement in 59 languages and ask resident to identify language spoken at home.

- Census takers will not:

1) Ask to enter a residence;
2) Ask for any identification from residents;
3) Ask for documentation of immigration status;
4) Ask for social security #, bank account or financial information;
5) Question a residents report of the number of people in the household


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