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Feb 08th

Challenging disparities

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At Turning Point, we speak of substance abuse and “related issues.”  Obvious ones are crime, violence and the breakdown of family and community.  Less obvious are the disparities that can result.  Our clients face these disparities on a daily basis.

Unemployment among whites is 6.6%
Unemployment among blacks is 20.4%

Average income for a white worker is $57,000
Average income for a black worker is $26,930

Home ownership among whites is 74%
Home ownership among blacks is 32%

High school graduation rate among whites is 82%
High school graduation rate among blacks is 43%

Whites who have no health insurance: 14.2%
Blacks who have no health insurance: 20.2%

Single parent families among whites: 21%
Single parent families among blacks: 62%

Poverty rate among whites: 7.4%
Poverty rate among blacks: 36%

Disparities cost every taxpayer – in public assistance, unemployment insurance, corrections budgets, etc.  We need to have a response from within our community.
-Dr. Peter Hayden


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