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Feb 14th

Barack Obama and "The Magic of Reality"

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barack-cartoonWe all have the possibility of being magical, depending on how much of our whole selves we can get to download from outer or inner space.

Whenever something happened that he could not explain, my friend Ralph Collins used to say "something is getting spooky in here." Back when Barack Obama was elected President we were all feeling somewhat spooky, spooky in a good way, in a way that made our spirits soar in unity with the spirit of much of the known universe.

Even before the victory there were a lot of us who felt that Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency in 2008 was going to be a magical happening. Summing up that pre-election prediction of magic I wrote: ". . .many of the folk I knew arrived at their conclusion in a very non-analytical way.

"Ralph Collins said: 'Obama has a divine wind at his back.'' Another friend, Ronald Avila Taylor, said 'Barack is going to find a way out of no way. A miracle is going to happen.'  Oprah who seems to discern spiritual things said he was 'the one.' Obama himself said very early in his campaign. 'There's something stirring in the air. You can feel it!'

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Something stirring in the air . . .? What kind of way is that for a former president of the Harvard Law Review to talk? Harvard's not exactly the sort of data-driven place where they teach you to have faith in 'something stirring in the air.'"

My point was that there are many ways of discerning truth about the "something spooky" that exists. If you are sensitive enough "you can feel it." Because when spiritual thinking (faith in the evidence of things un-seen) is properly mixed with empirical thinking (knowledge of the seen), magic can happen.

I wrote a piece for The Modern Melting Pot that was picked up by Huffington Post; and from there it made an appearance on The Wall Street Journal's website. The original article was The State of the Union May Be Better Than We Think. The link that WSJ picked up stated:

"Suppose Barack Obama is a 'Magic Negro,' as some of his detractors saw and quickly ridiculed so that 'thinking' people wo  uld not look into the possibility. Suppose we all have the possibility of being magical, depending on how much of our whole selves we can get to download from outer space or inner."

I had no idea why The Wall Street Journal decided to display an article with such a heavy leaning toward the supernatural. My daughter said they were poking fun, but then one of the comments on the article said:

"Colin Powell warned that we didn't elect 'superman,' as though the expectation of supernatural events stemming from a man on earth are dangerous. I prefer your interpretation, we all have the potential to incite supernatural or magical events. The fact that Obama so naturally manifests his supernatural gifts is what makes him compelling and that also makes him destined to succeed at the task he has before him. "

I knew the comment came from my daughter. She said yes. A friend who does research for a top tier financial service firm wrote: "The people who design exotic financial products and do advanced science believe that reality is magical. In fact, Richard Dawkins has a book by that title, The Magic of Reality," he wrote.

He continued: "What is magic? Things we observe that appear to contradict our current understanding of cause and effect. There is so much of reality that we don't really understand. We try to understand as best we can with the knowledge we have."

I called Ralph Collins to talk about the 2012 Republican Primary knowing that he was going to say something weird: "You notice that when we get the news each morning we fully expect to see that one of Obama's opponents has self-destructed Makes you wonder, don't it?"

"Or they've destroyed each other, but I thought that was because, as the old folk say, 'God don't like ugly,'" I say. In the past Ralph has said he is an extra-terrestrial and he accepted my based-on science explanation that we all have a connection to stuff that is not of this earth. In Unified Field Theory and mathematical physics they actually create equations on how the intangible interacts with the tangible.

While talking to Ralph I thought about having quickly read some of The Magic of Reality, by Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist. I was seeking to find if humans had evolved to a point where they could do rough solutions in their heads to equations that calculated the effects of the intangible world on the tangible.

Ralph was still talking when my mind came back fully to him. "as you wrote, 'we all have the possibility of being magical, depending on how much of our whole selves we can get to download from outer or inner space," he said.

"I got that from hanging out with weirdoes like you," I said. I wouldn't mind hanging out with him soon to talk about the 2012 election.  He's one of those friends that you love to listen to but are a little afraid to totally believe because he often thinks with no backup data.

George Davis is professor emeritus at Rutgers University and the creator of the 5-book, interactive, world-sourced, digital series, Barack Obama, America and the World.


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