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Feb 13th

Nia Long joins Obama 2012 GOTV efforts

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niaWith most national polls showing a tight race between Pres. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign wants to make sure there is heavy voter turnout within his base.

A strong part of Pres. Obama’s base is within the African-American community. In 2008, 96 percent of African-Americans cast their votes for Pres. Obama in the historic election. In that election, voter turnout among African-Americans was up four percent from 2004 and the Obama campaign is working to insure the same enthusiasm for the president’s re-election bid.

In a conference call held to rally the African-American vote, actress Nia Long called on African-Americans to go to the polls in force this coming November.

“Promise me you’ll get out and vote and take five people with you,” urged Long via the national teleconference. “We cannot lose hope. Reach out to those who are uninspired, disenfranchised and feel like giving up.”

The well-known actress said she supports the president because of his efforts in healthcare, education and women’s rights. She also said it may seem like Obama’s first term was ineffective but in large part the president was working to repair damage done by the previous administration.

“The first (term) was cleaning up the mess (left by Pres. George W. Bush),” said Long. “President Obama needs another four years for us to reap the benefits of what he’s doing.”

Stephanie Brown, a campaign director dedicated to getting African-Americans to vote in November called on volunteers to be vigilant in registering voters.

“In 2008 turnout of African-Americans made a huge difference (for Obama),” said Brown. “Our goal is to register African-Americans wherever they may be; beauty salons, night clubs, wherever.”

Senior advisor to the Obama campaign, Broderick Johnson, said this election can have lasting implications for African-Americans.

“We cannot let the president down,” said Johnson. “More importantly, we can’t let our children down. We need to return Barack Obama to the White House.”

The campaign is seeking volunteers to assist in its voter registration efforts. It is referring potential volunteers to its websites, and


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