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Mar 29th

Rwanda slapped with sanctions for backing mutineers

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image: (GIN)(GIN) – U.S. military aid has been suspended to Rwanda after convincing evidence that it is supporting a mutiny in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A State Dept. spokesman said that troubling evidence had been seen that Congolese rebel groups were receiving aid and soldiers from the Rwandese government of Paul Kagame.

Presidents Kagame, Joseph Kabila and Yoweri Museveni form a nexis of conflict with subterfuge underway by Museveni and Kagame to remove Kabila. Roots of the conflict can be traced to the Hutu-Tutsi power struggles that took the lives of millions.

At a recent meeting of African Union countries, Museveni and Kagame blasted outside donors for destabilizing the region. Kagame declared: “(The conflict) was created by the international community – our partners – because they don’t listen, they are so arrogant and in the end they don’t actually provide a solution they just keep creating problems for us. We know better our problems and this region’s problems.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. move was applauded by a DRC official. “We think this is a very positive signal … because this region has suffered a lot during the last 20 years,” said Lambert Mende, information minister.

Despite the U.S. cut off aid to a Rwandan military academy, Washington says it will continue to provide assistance to Rwanda to enhance its capacity to support peacekeeping missions.

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