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Feb 07th

Voting block Power: The new Black power

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w-babbingtonThis November the citizens of Minnesota will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would require presentation of a photo ID before voting. This is a part of a national effort to suppress the voting power of people of color, the elderly, immigrants, college students and military personnel. We are not confused about the negative impact passage of this proposed amendment will have on African Americans, and the insult it would be to the blood that has been shed to win our right to vote.

Too long, too many have been able to take the African American vote and the influence of the African American clergy for granted. Every election cycle significant resources are aimed at mobilizing the African American vote, and we see a parade of politicians and spokespersons seeking access to our congregations, but never properly acknowledging the value of that access with appropriate resources for issue education, voter registration and mobilization by the churches. We will change that tired dynamic.

We intend to use this referendum season to demonstrate the power of our voting block and the influence of our ministers. We will educate our people about this danger, but we intend to do much more than that. We want to survey over 10,000 persons through our churches for their disposition regarding this amendment. We will do this in a manner that allows us to document our ability to reach into our community, advocate for our rights and demand the respect of politicians, office holders and interest groups for years to come.

Esteemed community member, we are asking you to lend your leadership to bring yourself, your family, your neighbors and friends to this effort by connecting with the maximum number of persons you can ensuring that each answers the important power survey question below, and provide us with email/facebook/twitter contact information so we can continue to mobilize our community through mobilizing our vote. We want to complete this survey and collect the data before the second week of October.

Download the survey form here (PDF) or contact your church pastor for the survey form. Take extras and collect the information from people in your family and circle of influence. Return the forms to your pastor immediately.

Spread the work. Share the survey with your networks. Remember, we are better together. It is time to act.

HWU Policy Board

Rev. Alfred Babington-Johnson
CEO Stairstep Foundation

Bishop Richard D. Howell
Diocesan Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

Rev. Jerry McAfee
President MN State Baptist Convention

Rev. Runney D. Patterson
President St. Paul Black Ministerial Alliance

Rev. Dr. Alphonse Reff
Presiding Elder
St. Paul/Minneapolis District AME Church

Bishop Fred W. Washington
Minnesota Jurisdictional Prelate
Church of God in Christ

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