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Oct 09th


Economic Summit explores entrepeneur path

Economic Summit explores entrepeneur pathA panel of entrepreneurs will discuss their paths to success, the common ingredients it took to get there, and how we can work together to increase opportunities for more African American entrepreneurs.

A hotbed of what?

A hotbed of what?Obama's visit to Kenya commenced in a reactionary frenzy to CNN's pre-visit headline that Kenya is a hotbed of terrorism. Africanists chronically discuss how Western media focuses on negative stories to perpetuate a sense of Africa as a place of despair, disease and violence. But this particular headline touched a raw nerve for Kenyans, Africans, and those who understand Africa because Obama was visiting Kenya to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit — a gathering of over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the world, convened to discuss how small business, with an emphasis on technology, will drive Africa's economy forward.

The Rondo annihilation

The Rondo annihilationThe sky was deep bluish-blue, the grass loud green. Birds flocked in radiant colors across treetops, sang and frolicked in the freshest of air.

Rondo Avenue extended east/west from about Marion Street to Lexington Parkway. Our house was just one of several properties my father inherited from Uncle Mac Carter, who worked himself into early grave (on the railroad).

Arson suspected in devastating West Broadway fire

Arson suspected in devastating West Broadway fireMinneapolis fire investigators say arson is most likely the cause of the raging blaze that displaced more than 21 residents and several businesses and changed the landscape of West Broadway Avenue.

Africa and Obama 'on the move'

Africa and Obama 'on the move'Some people are now saying what was really obvious to me before President Barack H. Obama was re-elected to continue leading the United States of America. He is a Black man. He is an African man. As the first African American to be the president, the unprecedented hostility and threats against the president have been in too many instances racially motivated as well as based on partisan politics.

Unconscious bias: Is racism still alive?

Unconscious bias: Is racism still alive?This is a last of a three part series concerning the issue of whether racism is still alive in America, which the conversation was provoked by a rash of murders of, often times, innocent African-Americans taking place throughout the country.

In Part I of this series, we discussed the rising heroin epidemic in rural Nebraska and Iowa, and the fact that it's not considered a "crime problem" but rather a "public health issue." We also discussed how such dangerous, life threatening drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, and lottery gambling, are made legal, while African-Americans, mostly men, are incarcerated, often times for life, for consensual non-violent drug transactions.

Mightier than sword: Ida B. Wells' battle against injustice

Mightier than sword: Ida B. Wells' battle against injusticeThe pen is mightier than the sword."

Ida B. Wells wielded her pen for the advancement of racial equality and racial justice. She skillfully waged war through her publications and work as editor of Memphis Free Speech and Headlight. She continued to strategically advance social change while serving as a journalist with Chicago's Daily Inter Ocean and the Chicago Conservator, one of the oldest African-American publications in the United States. On July 16, as we celebrated her 153rd birthday, we are reminded of the power of writing as advocacy. Writing is indispensable tool for leaders since it is a tactical tool that can be employed to build and sustain social change. It can be used as a tool to educate diverse audiences, organize social change initiatives and advocate for social reform.

Closing education gap would boost U.S. economy

Closing education gap would boost U.S. economyWASHINGTON (NNPA) – Men of color would earn $170 billion more a year, if they reached the same education level as White men, according to a new White House report.

The Black print: Rise of the Black millennial

The Black print: Rise of the Black millennialEleven years ago, teachers at the Clara H. Carlson School told Annis R. Sands of Elmont, N.Y., that upper-division courses would cause her excessive stress and anxiety.

Obama focuses nation on prison reform

Obama focuses nation on prison reformWashington, DC – This is a monumental, and memorable week for mass incarceration and prison reform. On Monday, President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders, Wednesday at the 106th NAACP Convention in Philadelphia he announced his support for extensive prison reform, and on Thursday, he became the first seated president to visit a federal prison. For those deeply rooted in the fight to end mass incarceration, these events and announcements provide an encouraging push toward justice, according to Rev. Michael McBride, director of PICO National Network's LIVE FREE Campaign,

Carter III brings new energy and resources

Carter III brings new energy and resourcesSo there we were.

Toni, and I sitting around this fine highly decorated dining table, at this Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards at the McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota Campus.
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