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Jul 03rd


Workers who clean Lunds & Byerly's rally for safety and job security

Workers who clean Lunds & Byerly's rally for safety and job securityOn Tuesday February 8th, retail cleaning workers with CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha) and their allies marched and called on Lunds & Byerly’s to communicate with workers regarding serious safety concerns that have been reported in their stores, and the abrupt firing of about 12 workers that cleaned their stores. CTUL's rally was held outside the Lunds & Byerly's headquarters 4100 W. 50th St in Edina. From there, the rally marched to the Lund's Grocery Store at 3945 W. 50th St.

UK Gear's battle plan set to revolutionize running shoe market

UK Gear announced the launch of its new PT-1000 ultra durable road and trail running shoe designed to last 1,000 miles, which the company says will redefine the athletic shoe market.

"The PT-1000 is the result of our long term strategy to build the world's most durable and sustainable running shoe—without compromising on biomechanical performance or comfort. Our unique and long lasting relationship with the British Army has been our inspiration, and has allowed us to test our products to withstand some of the harshest conditions in the world, by some of the most demanding athletes in the country,” said David Hinde, Founder, and CEO UK Gear Limited.

Ending tax return fraud in prisons

United States Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) after pushing for reform with a group of senators, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have signed an agreement that will help end the fraudulent filing of tax returns by incarcerated prisoners that has cost American taxpayers $123 million since 2004. The Memorandum of Understanding between the IRS and the BOP will end the years-long impasse between the two agencies.

A benefit concert for the Shangilia Foundation

A benefit concert for the Shangilia FoundationTo honor the Black History Month, Singers in Accord will perform with the MacPhail Community Youth Choir and Suzuki String Ensemble under the direction of J.D. Steele in a benefit concert for Shangilia Foundation USA (SFUSA).

Shangilia (the name derives from its Swahili original “Tumshangilieni” meaning “Let Us Rejoice”), is a child rescue and support center and residence, presently located in Nairobi's Kangemi slum.  It is the last hope for some of Kenya's neediest children and is unique in its commitment to the performing arts, which is at the core of its child rehabilitation philosophy and process.  At the center, each child's needs and aptitudes are addressed individually and each learns performing arts along with classic schooling.  It is also home to the Shangilia Youth Choir of Kenya, founded and directed by J.D. Steele.

Crime fighting remains a top priority in Jamaica for 2011

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding said crime rate in his country is very high and reducing it remains a top priority for his government for this year.

In his New Year message to the nation, the Prime Minister said his cabinet has already issued drafting instructions for tough anti-gang legislation which will be enacted for 2011.

ECHO’s new program offers ethnic communities “A hand up, not a hand out”

Emergency & Community Health Outreach (ECHO) takes steps to educate individuals about their local Community Action Agency and how it can make a difference in their lives with the services it offers.

“Community Action provides so many services that it can be difficult to get the people we serve to see that we can be a one-stop-shop for the kind of assistance that can help to lift people out of poverty,” says Arnie Anderson, Executive Director of Minnesota Community Action Partnership.

Haiti: One year later

Haiti: One year laterToday marks the one year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti. Nearly a quarter of a million lives were lost, more than three hundred thousand people were injured and more than a million people were left homeless. The President called it a “cruel and incomprehensible” blow to a nation that has known its share of hardship and suffering. None of us will soon forget the images of despair in the days after the earthquake, or the moments of hope as Americans joined together with people from around the world in a massive humanitarian effort.

This is an important time for us to reflect on the important progress that’s been made, and the many players who have made it possible, while reaffirming the American commitment to Haiti and looking ahead to the work that remains to be done in cooperation with the Haitian people and international partners.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will Hurt the Economy

The House Republican Health Care Plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take away all the new freedom and control it gives the American people over their health care and gives it back to insurance companies will not only raise costs for individuals and businesses, but it will hurt our economy.  

Since the President signed the Affordable Care Act into law last March, the economy has created over 1 million private sector jobs, including the 113,000 private sector jobs created in December announced today.   So, at a time when our economy is getting stronger, repealing the law would hamper that important economic progress by increasing costs on individuals and businesses, weakening the benefits and protections that Americans with private insurance are already enjoying, and adding more than a trillion dollars to our deficits.  

An urgent movement for justice

An urgent movement for justice(TEWire) - During the past two weeks, in response to successful grassroots campaigns, two governors have released Black Americans who had been railroaded by our nation's criminal justice system.

Together, these cases speak to the urgent need for the work the NAACP, and our allies, is doing to encourage more governors to use their clemency authority as our nation's founding fathers intended by freeing more deserving people more frequently.

Congressman Ellison Sworn in for 3rd Term, Honored to Serve Minnesota

Washington D.C. - Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-05) issued the following statement upon being sworn in for a 3rd term to represent Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives:

I am honored and grateful to be given the opportunity to represent Minnesota’s Fifth District in the U.S. House of Representatives.  While I am proud of the many accomplishments of the 111th Congress, much work remains to be done.  We must continue the progress we have made toward putting our citizens back to work.  We must continue to invest in America and rebuild our infrastructure.  We must stem the tide of foreclosures that threaten to push more working families from their homes.  This agenda will require serious effort and I stand ready to work with all of my colleagues to create jobs, boost opportunities for working families, and invest in America for long term prosperity.    

The Family Partnership merger

The Family Partnership mergerMinneapolis’ two strongest nonprofit human services, The Family Partnership (formerly Family & Children’s Service) and Reuben Lindh Family Services (RLFS), have officially merged January 1, 2011.

The new organization is called The Family Partnership. Molly Greenman is President and CEO, which was her position prior to the merger and Dianne Haulcy, Executive Director of RLFS, is its Chief Operating Officer.

This merger brings together two organizations with long and strong traditions of creating better futures for children and families living in poverty.
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