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Feb 12th


Minimum wage jump good for low-income Blacks

Minimum wage jump good for low-income BlacksWASHINGTON (NNPA) – Increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2016 would lift nearly 1 million low-wage workers out of poverty, according to a recent report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Although a majority of low-wage workers are White, people of color would be disproportionately affected by an increase in the minimum wage. Blacks work in low-wage jobs at higher rates than Whites, according to federal statistics. Blacks account for 11 percent of the workforce, but 16 percent of workers that would see their wages increase.

Paul Robeson: The template for an amazing Black man

Paul Robeson: The template for an amazing Black manThe foundation of leadership is courage.

Civil rights pioneer, Paul Robeson, exercised courage by leveraging his moral strength to challenge racism and promote racial equity. Despite his fervent efforts of fighting for justice, for far too many Paul Robeson is unknown. However, we each are direct beneficiaries of Robeson's unwavering commitment to the realization of freedom and justice. He fought tirelessly so all of humanity would live free from the chains of oppression. This is the type of commitment that should inform our understanding of the essence of leadership.


CELEBRATING the BEAUTY of BLACKThe image itself is striking.

The image is powerful. The image is beautiful. The image is aesthetically pleasing. The image is bold. The image is serious. The subjects of the image command respect. And, unfortunately, the image is an anomaly in the world of fashion and fashion periodicals – or any periodicals for that matter, minus an issue or two of Ebony or Essence.

Prison phone justice

Prison phone justiceNearly15,000 children in Minnesota are losing contact with a mother or father in prison due to the extremely high cost of prison phone calls.

Opportunity for all: President Obama launches My Brother's Keeper Initiative to build ladders of opportunity for boys and young men of color

Opportunity for all: President Obama launches My Brother's Keeper Initiative to build ladders of opportunity for boys and young men of color"I'm reaching out to some of America's leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help more young men of color facing especially tough odds to stay on track and reach their full potential."
– President Barack Obama, January 28, 2014

President Obama calls on investment in infrastructure

President Obama calls on investment in infrastructureThe Twin Cities is clearly on the White House’s radar.

President Obama has visited the area three times within the past couple of years and touted the business practices of an area restaurateur, Punch Pizza, during his most recent State of the Union address. Vice President Biden was in town a couple of weeks ago and on Wednesday, February 26, the president made a stop at the Union Depot in St. Paul to announce his competition encouraging Congress pass a bill to create jobs and restore infrastructure as part of the president’s Year of Action. The depot was chosen as an example of a previously collapsing entity that is seeing a revival due to a recent restoration.

Beacon offers hope to low-income renters

Beacon offers hope to low-income rentersWhen 27-year-old Simone Brooks' job as a school cafeteria worker ended last June, her family slid into homelessness. Their apartment rented for $650/month. Leroy, her fiancé and father of her six-year-old son, was just making minimum wage. "It was obvious that we couldn't pay for such a high rent," she said. They could afford the apartment when they were bringing in two incomes, but once the summer hit, it was too much.

Champion: Town hall meetings engage, energize

Champion: Town hall meetings engage, energizeState Sen. Bobby Joe Champion (DFL-59) recently hosted a town hall to update his constituents on happenings at the Capitol; and according to Champion and others, the picture is a lot rosier for North Minneapolis than in years past.

Congressman Keith Ellison: Trailblazer

Congressman Keith Ellison: TrailblazerUS Rep. Keith Ellison often says he's just one of the people in the struggle.

On a recent Sunday inside the Marcus Garvey House – the offices to Insight News – there was Ellison along with about 20 other people milling around having various conversations about this and that. And to the untrained eye, Ellison, in his plaid flannel shirt and blue jeans was just like everyone else – one of the people.

African Americans in the armed forces

African Americans in the armed forcesWhen you read, hear or think of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, some of the words that may come readily to mind are strength, power, dominance and superiority.

There is another word that should also be added to that list ... African-Americans. The road to recognition for these soldiers has not always been easy, but that didn't deter the grit, guts and determination displayed by these great warriors.

Black unemployment rises to 12.1 percent

Black unemployment rises to 12.1 percentWASHINGTON (NNPA) – The Black unemployment rate increased from 11.9 percent in December to 12.1 percent in January, according the Department of Labor's latest monthly report.

At 12.1 percent the Black unemployment rate is nearly double the national unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. The unemployment rate for Black men over 20 years old jumped from 11.5 percent in December 2013 to 12 percent in January, compared to White men who experienced a decrease in their unemployment rate from 5.6 percent in December 2013 to 5.4 percent in January.
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