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Feb 07th


NAACP congratulates Michelle Howard for being named first female Four-Star Admiral

NAACP congratulates Michelle Howard for being named first female Four-Star Admiral(Baltimore, MD) – The NAACP congratulated Michelle Janine Howard on her nomination by President Barack Obama for appointment to the rank of admiral and assignment as vice chief of naval operations.

This appointment will make Howard the first female four-star Admiral.

MN minimum wage & the kids of the working poor

MN minimum wage & the kids of the working poorSupporters of raising Minnesota's minimum wage say the most important group that action would help may be the children of the working poor.

Many think the only people earning minimum wage are teenagers at their first job. In reality, however, most are age 20 or older and earn a big part of their families' income.

Posh: A family affair

Posh: A family affairAll in the family is exactly how Tunisunia Reed keeps it at her salon in south Minneapolis.

From ownership, to construction and décor, the efforts to create and run Posh Hair Studio, 2403 Nicollet Ave., have been nothing short of a family affair. With the help of her husband and business partner, Reed has set out to establish a salon that exudes class, sophistication and elegance.

Hodges vows to close gaps

Hodges vows to close gapsWhen Betsy Hodges emerged the victor of an absurdly crowded field in the contest to become Minneapolis’ next mayor, she said it sent a clear message that the city would no longer be divided.

“I want to grow Minneapolis and I want to close the gaps between white people and people of color,” said Hodges, who takes office Jan. 2. “I want to close the gap between the haves and the have nots. The people of Minneapolis very clearly said they wanted me to do that. The results of that election made it pretty clear that the message I carried resonated with the people of Minneapolis.”

Kya Brown: Aiming for the top

Kya Brown: Aiming for the topKya Brown, 14, attends DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis and serves as a 9th grade student representative on her high school’s student council.

She is on the cheer squad and the basketball team and plans to join the track team in the spring. Her favorite subjects are English and social studies. The highly-involved teenager was also first runner up in the Miss Black Minnesota USA Pageant.

Ernestine Walton: Angelic warrior

Ernestine Walton: Angelic warriorErnestine Shalema Walton-Brailsford was buried last Friday, the day after Nelson Mandela died. Friends and family mourned her loss and celebrated her life at midday funeral services at Trinity Tabernacle Church in North Minneapolis, where she was an active member.

New study finds typical U.S. households of color have no retirement savings

New study finds typical U.S. households of color have no retirement savings(BLACK PR WIRE) —  WASHINGTON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A new report calculates the severity of the U.S. retirement security racial divide. The analysis finds that every racial group faces significant risks, but people of color face particularly severe challenges in preparing for retirement. Americans of color are significantly less likely than whites to have an employer-sponsored retirement plan or an individual retirement account (IRA), which substantially drives down the level of retirement savings.

President must eliminate wage inequality

President must eliminate wage inequalityLast week, President Barack Obama delivered an address, starting a dialogue on how the long path to America's current level of inequality has led us to the wrong place.

The president said that Americans' frustration with Washington is "rooted in the nagging sense that no matter how hard they work, the deck is stacked against them." His timing coincided with the nationwide spread of strikes by fast-food workers, showing they cannot wait for Washington to act on raising minimum wages.

Maya Angelou pens Mandela tribute, 'His Day is Done'

Maya Angelou pens Mandela tribute, 'His Day is Done'(GIN) – A video tribute to Nelson Mandela by poetess Maya Angelou is being distributed widely over the internet.

Angelou reads the poem with deep feeling on the video, which was recently aired on the news show DemocracyNow! The American novelist, in an interview with CBS New York, described meeting Mandela in the 1960s. Mandela and Angelou's husband were members of rival liberation movements when Mandela came to Egypt, where Angelou was living.

Sounds of Blackness ‘The Night Before Christmas’ delights

Sounds of Blackness ‘The Night Before Christmas’ delightsEncore show added for Dec. 21 at Sabathani

For nearly 43 years the three-time Grammy award-winning musical ensemble, Sounds of Blackness, has been a fixture of the “Minneapolis Sound.”

A tribute to Madiba: The epitome of grace

A tribute to Madiba: The epitome of graceIf I had my time over I would do the same again, so would any man who dares call himself a man. – Nelson Mandela

There are a lot of words that we can associate with the life, work and struggle of Nelson Mandela. Some of them come to mind immediately: Courage, endurance, faith. Love, forgiveness, redemption: the core of the Christian creed. Still more: patience, reason, confidence, empathy, truth, humility and grace. All of these words would be considered as virtues by most thoughtful people.
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