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Dec 22nd

(Mr. T's Sports Report) With the addition of Harvin, Vikings show will be worth the price of admission

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percy_harvinAnd the beat goes on for the Minnesota Vikings when it comes to stellar picks from the collegiate prospects in the NFL Draft.  Now if everyone around here thinks Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is fast, then I can’t wait until they get a load of first-round draft pick Percy Harvin aka William Percival Harvin, III.

When Peterson entered the league I was amazed by the transition he made from college competition to professional competition.  It made me scratch my head when seeing Peterson’s NFL performances during his rookie year, because in my eyes it certainly seemed that he was better in the NFL than he was in college.  Peterson made NFL defenders appear as if they were stuck in the mud as he dashed by them on his way to several NFL rookie records.

Now I don’t want to put weighty expectations on the young fella, but if Percy Harvin makes a transition to the NFL in which he does better than he did at the University of Florida, then all that I can say is: “Ooohh, shucky-ducky-quack-quack!”

The closest comparison that I could project with regard to Harvin’s potential NFL performance would be that of New Orleans Saints star running-back Reggie Bush.  Though Bush had monumental expectations coming into the league (which were fairly unrealistic), he managed to match a few NFL records during his first three years in the league.  Bush’s talent and versatility are similar to Harvin’s college career.  The extra benefits that Harvin may build upon are: A. Expectations are not what they were for Bush, which should allow Harvin to fly under the radar with less pressure, and B: Harvin is classified as a receiver, which I note because Bush is classified as a running-back though his more profitable utility in the NFL is his receiving prowess.  The problem is, however, Bush’s team forcing him to be something he’s not.  In the case of Harvin, that won’t be such a problem because it is expected that fast, shifty, receivers will more purposefully be deployed in many creative ways on the field.  

The most obvious comparison for Harvin is that to the Chicago Bears current receiver/kick-returner extraordinaire Devin Hester.  Hester is one of the few players in the NFL who can match the electricity generated by Peterson.  Fortunately for Vikings fans, the addition of Harvin means that they may now double their electric, football, viewing pleasure with the combo of Peterson and Harvin on the offense.  In my eyes, it is important that the Vikings achieved this draft success, because the other three teams in their conference (Chicago, Green Bay, and Detroit) all got much better through the addition of drafted collegiate players, as well as through trades for accomplished veterans.

Now as for the “topic of the day” when it comes to Percy Harvin (which is about his positive drug test from smoking weed), I’m willing to forgive a talented 20-year-old football superstar attending the worlds most renown party school in the country’s hottest sexiest state, etc, etc, for conceding to a few temptations here and there.  That being said, Harvin will have a fistful of another type of green to inspire a cleaner lifestyle.  And someone please tell him that this ain’t Florida, and thus anything involving rented boats and naked women just ain’t going to end up well (See “The Vikings Love Boat Scandal”).

Sit on the Superbowl daydreams for now, but with the addition of Harvin you can bet that the Vikings show will be worth the price of admission.  And as I always like to say when something good is on the way: “Betta getcha e-ticket!”

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