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Dec 20th

Vikings Mid-Season Report: Pray for Favre … and AP

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peterson-revised-twobfavreMomentum. We all know about good days and bad days.  My advice is to squeeze as much as possible into the good days, and sit your butt down and read a book or go to bed early on the bad days.  Days turn into years, and the Vikings are having about as good of a first-half of an NFL year as possible.  I mean, anytime that the Vikings beat the Packers twice before the Thanksgiving turkeys get nervous, then the momentum must be squarely on the side of Purple Pride.
I can’t imagine that football life has ever felt much better for Brett Favre. He’s got the best running-back in football standing behind him. He’s got an ample array of short, tall, fast and skinny young receivers to throw the ball to and he’s got a coach who should be thankful to have a veteran quarterback who knows how to blow the coach off when he knows that there is a better play than the one the coach just called.  For developing football fans, those types of plays are called audibles, but I like to call them “coach-butt-savers”, “cbs’s” for short.

Brett Favre knows when to save the coaches butt from himself, and he has now proven that he knows how to kick a coach’s butt when they tread on him, as Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has learned the hard way.  McCarthy and Packers General Manager Ted Thompson must be feeling like Grade-A fools right now for dissing Favre in his hometown of Krypton, I mean Greae Bay.  The son of Jor-EL, I mean Brett Favre, has been sent to save our planet, I mean save the Vikings, from the imminent danger of never winning a Super Bowl.  

Yes, Brett Favre must feel just a tiny bit like Superman right now, but from what I hear the fella is about as humble as can possibly be.  And though he may be humble, he sure ain’t stupid, so I’m placing bets that you will soon find a Brett Favre sponsored restaurant somewhere that everybody can see from miles around. I’m guessing it would be a steakhouse, but if Favre opens up a Mississippi soul food restaurant in downtown Minneapolis then I’m throwing his name in for governor, too.

Now we’ve never seen a Superman sequel where he is forty-years-old (in Krypton years), but we all know that Favre doesn’t feel like Superman when he wakes up the morning after a hard-fought game.  We also know that Favre flamed out a bit last year with the Jets after a little too much gun-slingin’ over the first half of the season.  And so the biggest looming issue for the Vikings over the second half of the season revolves around the health of Brett Favre, but Viking fans might want to include running-back Adrian Peterson in their prayers for good health while their at it.

Adrian Peterson’s nickname is All-Day, but with Favre at the helm they might want to adjust that nickname to Allstate, because Peterson is the insurance necessary to keep Favre from the Kryptonite represented by his gray hair.  The more Peterson carries the ball, the less Favre throws the ball; the less Favre throws the ball, the greater the chance that our state economy will be saved by the bookoo dollars that come along with a Super Bowl birth.

And so Vikings fans should feel particularly good about the second half of this 2009 season.  The best compliment that I have heard from the inner circles of the Vikings is that the team consists of a plain ole, good group of guys, from Favre on down.  Good things happen to good people when they persevere, and the Vikings and Viking fans seem to fall into that category.

And of course also in that category, would be the one and only Tarvaris Fox Jackson.  The Fox is soaking up all that Brett Favre country boy savvy from the bench and has it all pent up to unleash his love on the football field just like Sherman Klump’s grandmother said Sherman would unleash his love on Ms. Purdy in The Nutty Professor, “Wheeew! Might make yo’ head blow off!!” (Long live the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club)

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