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Dec 17th

Look for another series of Kobe’s championship Nike puppet commercials

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lakerschampionsBasketball ain’t what it used to be, but it’s pretty impossible not to marvel at the size and grace of the young men flying – but mostly lumbering – down the court, and regularly flying sky high over the rim. I mean Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic seems likely to be able to dunk a ball over the backboard, and every time I see his shoulders I think of the Eddie Murphy stand-up phrase “Aw look at his shoulders.”

Lebron James is the closest thing to a live video game character, and Kobe Bryant has finally achieved the status of “Greatest Michael Jordan Look Alike of All-Time.” So I suppose when I think about it like that, I remember that Magic Johnson was huge, and actually had hops before he got his Hollywood weight; and I would also imagine that Wilt Chamberlain could dunk a ball over the backboard. So maybe things aren’t so different after all…except for Dwight Howard’s bison sized shoulders…and martian sized little head (he-he).

Though the overall brand of NBA basketball ain’t what it used to be – disciplined – it’s no less enjoyable to watch the very best players in the game exert their exotic abilities in the intimate confines of the basketball arena – the physical theatrical set-up of basketball makes for good distraction watching the fans, for the moments when it gets lame watching big dudes slowly dribble a ball (I’m watching hockey while I write this, and think hockey would be a more popular sport if they didn’t have the glass between the action and the crowd. And I also figured I didn’t want you to miss out on the visual of a pro hockey game without the glass to protect people from screaming slapshots. That way the fans could be missing teeth just like the players.).

Anyway, the NBA Playoffs are underway so we have night after night of dribble drama. The defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, have looked better in past championship years entering the playoffs, but they have been known to play like some lax prima-donnas causing unnecessary drama, and quite the high amount of “pisstivity” in my family’s households. All the Laker Haters are lathered-up, nonetheless, and praying for the downfall of the Hollywood sign and the potential next Laker Dynasty.
Well, Hugh Hefner is saving the Hollywood sign, and Kobe Bryant is saving the Lakers by finally being forced by Father Time to pass the friggin’ ball. The young legs of the Oklahoma Thunder, was one of my biggest concerns for my favorite team coming into the playoffs. Besides the problems that the Thunders’ fresh, young, “don’t know any better than to think they can win” brashness and ability, I really don’t see any other problems in the Western Conference for the Zen mastered reigning champions Los Angeles Lakers. While I’m quoting Eddie Murphy, I’ll use his Coming to America Sexual Chocolate character quote to describe the Lakers “They play so beautiful don’t you agree.” They started here in Minnesota, so of course, they play beautiful (smile).

Talking about the Lakers possibly playing the Cavliers in a Finals match-up is talking about some real ballin’ goin’ on. LeBron has Shaq on his side now, and as much as people like to think Shaq is washed-up: He is still 7’2” and 340 or so lbs., and he still has a big butt to push people around and then dunk on them real hungry like. Ain’t nothin’ changed except the country Cleveland backdrop when it comes to Shaq and the NBA playoffs, and the addition of Antawn Jamison to the Cavaliers provides another veteran who knows how to get his, and play his role at the same time.

And though people seem to ignore the fact that the Orlando Magic were in the Finals last year, last I checked they were the first ones to polish off their 1st Round competition, and their new addition, Vince Carter, was a part of the same national champion North Carolina team that taught Antawn Jamison how to close the deal.

I’ve got two words for you: Twin Towers. If Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum of the Lakers don’t forget how to play that nifty game of volleyball that they do around the basket, then we can ALL look forward to another series of Kobe’s championship Nike puppet commercials. Those we’re definitely some of the best commercials in the history of television…in my humble opinion. Kobe. Pass the ball.

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