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Dec 18th

Good Grief. Timberwolves miss out on #1 Pick

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flynnIf the NBA Draft involved dice rather than lottery balls, then the Timberwolves would constantly come up with snake eyes. After a long tough rebuilding season the Wolves deserved a whole lot more than to only land the fourth pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. According to lottery percentages, the Wolves had the second best chance to land the first pick. But this marks another great opportunity to use my favorite quote in sports history, from none other than pro golfer Boo Weekley who said, “You never know what them dogs gonna do ‘til you run ‘em. So let’s run ‘em.” Weekley was making a comparison between athletes and hunting dogs, but the quote works just as well with regard to the Wolves and their future draft pick, so as usual, hope springs eternal…and I’m trying to spin this positive.

The NBA Draft will take place on June 24, and boy do the young Wolves need someone to come add some “uumph!” to the current roster of highly respectable hoopers. This years’ draft does not come off as one of the more celebrated groups of collegiate offerings, but once again, “let’s run ‘em.”

It appears to be projected that that point guard John Wall of Kentucky will be taken as the first pick; in this case by the Washington Wizards who won the first pick lottery. Spinning some more of this positive webbing, I’ll suggest that the Wolves already have a highly capable young point guard in Jonny Flynn, and thus have no use for Wall; especially considering that the Wolves still have last year’s draft pick, point guard Ricky Rubio, tucked away in Europe until the 2011-2012 season barring something unexpected. But after Wall, I was really, really hoping the Pups, as some call the Wolves, would be able to pick up Ohio State shooting-guard Evan Turner, who Gopher fans know well for his silky smooth court destruction…yeah, the more I think about that one, I really hate it for the Wolves because he seemed to be just what they needed.

Jay-Z and new Billionaire NBA owner of the New Jersey Nets Mikhail Prokhorov landed the third pick, and so the Empire State took a little bit more of the Wolves good luck and will likely draft forward Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech and take him to Brooklyn with them in two years. Favors is where this draft begins to make me yawn, especially when it comes to what the Timberwolves need. Favors strikes me as one of those po-go stick type players who are always bouncin’ around above everybody, but not bouncin’ the ball in the hoop efficiently enough, and unfortunately that is what the Wolves need.

The Wolves need someone who can score. Period. Al Jefferson and Kevin Love have the “rebound thing” taken care of, and Flynn is the little general in desperate need of someone to pass the ball to who can shoot the ball both good, and well…and silky smooth – Nnh, nnh, nnhh. I hate to rub it in, but watching Evan Turner with the Philadelphia 76ers is going to be painful for the Wolves fans, just like that watching Brandon Roy with Portland after the Timberwolves drafted him and immediately traded him away in 2006. Roy is silky smooth, too…to the tune of fifty point games and whatnot. Good Grief! If it wasn’t for the Twins and the Phelps Park Falcons, Minnesota would officially be the Charlie Brown of states when it comes to sports: Gotta love ‘em, but ooh if it weren’t for that Peppermint Patty messing with him, it might not be so rough on ole’ Chuck.

Alas all hope is not lost because there always seems to be potential in a Syracuse or Georgetown basketball player, and Wes Johnson and Greg Monroe respectively, come from those schools and are amongst the small pool of “might be good” players for the Wolves to choose from. Other than that, it seems to be a lot more of the “who knows?” kind of players in this years’ draft. Leading that group of players is Minnesota’s own Cole Aldrich, from the University of Kansas via Bloomington-Jefferson High School. Who knows if Aldrich will be good in the pros, though he’s been great in college. What we do know is that he’s tall. Someone who can score would be better for the Wolves, but another fella who is really tall will help when it comes to playing against the Wooorld Champion Los Angeles Lakers! Let’s all hope the World Champion prefix sticks to the Lakers for another year or three. That would be a good thing, in my humble opinion.

The Wolves should draft Aldrich, and then send the A-Team to get Ricky Rubio from over in Europe.


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