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Dec 22nd

Perspective on the Lebron James fallout

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lebronjamesUh, Yes. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert needs to shut up. I’ve never seen so much basketball on national and public media involving the pomp and circumstance leading into the Lebron James team choice, and the subsequent response on all sides. Before I could get into the morning news, a morning meeting partner told me that Gilbert called James “everything but a child of God” (Note: the important part is to project what Gilbert said behind closed doors, and what that really says). I’m not going to waste space going into specifically what Gilbert said.

Sports can always be a great lens for life, and outbursts such as Gilbert’s, and Kanye West’s “George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People!!” serve to announce an issue that probably deserves some pondering and discussion, in order to resolve the issue or concern. Everybody deserves to be heard.

It is probably good to have that discussion, not just with the homies in the barbershop, but also with those who possibly don’t completely understand your view (“Don’t be sc’uured.”) You can only hope that the person you’re talking to understands the difference between right and wrong. Fortunately most have “it” screwed on tight enough not to go that far in their idiotic lashing out at others. I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near as far as to call Gilbert a racist, but I think folks have to constantly evaluate themselves to make sure they don’t think that they’re better than anyone else, accept the person in the mirror yesterday.

Mike Wilbon, of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” summed it up best in suggesting that Gilbert “wasn’t thinking those things (about Lebron) when he was offering Lebron $120 million!” I would only add that after Gilbert shuts-up, he should recite everything he said about Lebron in the mirror, many times over…and then apologize to Lebron. Yep. Apologize.

As for the Rev. Jesse Jackson, I just think he needed to use better words - perhaps “paternalism”, in order to describe Gilbert’s tirade over Lebron leaving Cleveland. Slavery is not a term to be tread upon, and though I wouldn’t have used it, bad words have a tendency to shake people, and I can’t think of a worse word that “slavery.” Many African’s thought death was a better word than slavery, and I thank God I wasn’t posed with that “Decision” (next subject, because this Dead Prez is bumpin’ in the background and taking the sports lens too deep to end on that note)

Anyway, have a talk with the office folks about “The Decision”, and the Confused. It’s like taking bricks off the Berlin Wall, and the Race in America wall is not down, but to use a football metaphor: we might be in the Red Zone.

Now as for Lebron, he should have asked me to help with his carnival media campaign because all he had to do was produce a dad’gum, tear jerking, video farewell to Cleveland with a bunch of cute kids, the owners of his favorite eateries, and a parade of former Cleveland Cavlier great players…and then get up and start dancing like he does and say, “But I’m goin’ to South Beach Baaaaaabb’ehhhh!!!” I’ll be real disappointed if Pat Riley, Miami Heat General Manager, and former great Los Angeles Lakers coach, let’s Lebron’s gametime-versions of “dance fever” to continue; though we are talking about Miami.

Speaking of The 2-time World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. I’m sure Kobe Bryant enjoyed Miami’s Pre-Championship pep rally. Last week I said that the youth of Ghana were drinking milk after the tainted ending to their countries’ World Cup Soccer bid. Well Ghana passed the proverbial milk to Kobe, because vanity isn’t Kobe’s strong suit, and Lebron just tainted Kobe’s summer sunshine quite grotesquely.

As for Lebron, I think he went from “King James”, to “Scottie Pippen 3000.” But that ain’t so bad either if that’s your thing, because Kobe has the Jordan impression sewed up. Just perspectives. And as for Mel Gibson…!!

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