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Dec 20th

Brett Favre’s got jokes

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brettfavreI’m glad that I write for Insight News, because I can tell some interesting (I hope) stories, and perhaps add to the back and forth jibber-jabber over sports. And you can say that you heard it here first, when I tell you that Brett Favre is pulling the greatest practical joke in sports history.

Say “Will he or won’t he?” ten times fast, and that is what sports news, local news, and every other news sounds like these days, referring to Favre. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, and I would imagine that those fans that paint their bodies purple and gold can’t sleep a wink. And at the center of all this angst, the good ol’ country boy, Brett Favre, is pulling all those purple and gold heartstrings. The difference between Favre coming back, and not coming back, makes most Vikings fans think either: “Superbowl here we come” with Favre, or “the fun is in the tailgating anyway” without Favre (the door is always open for everyone to join the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club…we got plenty of room.)

Certainly, you can’t find a quarterback in the NFL with more experience than Brett Favre, and being that wiley veteran, Favre also seems adept at skirting the eminent danger of big, fast dudes with bad intentions and helmets. You have to give it to the Good Ol’ Country Boy, he’s slippery, charismatic, fun-loving, and can play some ball like only a few others in history. Favre said that last years’ experience with the Vikings was the most fun he’s had in a season (or maybe the older you are, the more you appreciate it, I’m thinking). Hands down, Favre provided the best late game heroics, and post game celebrations of all players in the NFL last year. Seeing the Good Ol’ Country Boy bark the “pants on the ground” song, well, like I always say, you can’t make that stuff up.

But oh there are plenty of trumped up claims and games people play in this World for all varieties of reasons good and bad. Well, the face paint fans (the grown ones), can scoot back in their seats, take a few deep breaths, and slow the pitter-patter of their hearts, because when it’s all said and done for Favre he is going to plop down on somebody’s television set couch, look over with a wry grin, and say, “I was just messin’ with ya’ll the whole time.”

You have a lot of time to think when you’re out fishing and hunting, and a man’s imagination can do laps around the earth’s orbit and come up with all type of off the wall stuff (often found in this column). The Good Ol’ Country Boy is more than well known for his locker room pranks, and with his constant (money making) media tour, you have to know that he also likes playing the interview game. If somebody said, go out there and mess with the media’s head, it would sound just like what Favre teases those reporters with. It’s all a game, and Brett Favre is having fun; at the media and the overzealous fans’ expense (and making money doin’ it…in the words of Nino Brown, in the movie New Jack City “It’s the American way”).

You can see and hear the feigned enthusiasm of the national sports media, as they are forced to comment on Favre’s latest “ooh ahh” sentence. With the outlandish display put on by LeBron James, with regard to his team choice decision, it’s quite obvious that the one person James actually needed to call was Brett Favre, so he could get some lessons on how to play the field. While James had an hour-long goofy interview about his decision – that everyone who watched is salty that they did - Favre is putting together endless hours and hours of hullabaloo ‘bout nothin’ – and everyone will still feel pretty much the same way about him no matter what he says (especially Packer Fans). He’s just havin’ fun.

So when Brad Childress went down to visit Favre as he played catch with the local high school team, what Childress should have said was, “Wrap that ankle up tight and see you in a couple of months homie.”

The Good Ol’ Country Boy is pulling a fast one again, like the Dukes of Hazard. As a matter of fact, every time Favre opens his mouth with regard to whether he’s going to play or not, you should think of the sound that the General Lee made when Bo and Luke hit the horn. That’s the sound of the Good Ol’ Country Boy havin’ fun.


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