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Dec 20th

Welcome back to the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club

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tarvarisThe Real Fox is Back! The Silver Fox, a.k.a. Elvis, a.k.a. Brett Lorenzo Favre has left the building, but is still sitting in the parking lot, laying against the hood of his pick-up truck, agonizing over football and flatscreen tvs from Sears, while doing a Wrangler commercial all at the same time.

Perhaps Favre’s rusty old ankle seems to be the sneaky thing holding the Good Ol’ Country boy back, but as Coach Yoast said in the movie Remember the Titans, “FORGET ABOUT HIM!! (Tarvaris), you’re in!” Favre (thusfar) pulled a different practical joke than I predicted, or Father Time pulled the bigger practical joke on Favre’s ankle. But the Purple fan base can do an about-face and find me standing with my arms folded in “nnhhnn” style (the low volume, “I told you so” kind of nnhhnn), yet always willing to welcome you back to The Tarvaris Fox Jackson Fan Club. With a year under his belt watching Favre, it’s as if Jackson got to visit and train with Yoda. The real Fox is now ready to assume his rightful place amongst the Jedi; of course the last time somebody claimed “Jedi” status, it was Daunte Culpepper, and, uh, yeah, … Culpepper sure was good before he said that though.

The Fox, as I will heretoforward (from now on) refer to Jackson as, is much too humble to make one of those overconfident Culpepper statements, and that’s good because Jackson has many of the same skills as Culpepper (minus a few inches of height) and Randy Moss, but with bigger hands… that also fumble too much, like Culpepper. Now while watching Brett Favre can be a bad thing for a developing quarterback – due to Favre’s cowboy style of play – it could also be that The Fox, found his “inner fox” through watching the Silver Fox; and all this after Jackson won 10 games in 2008 leading the Vikings at quarterback already. Let’s here it for The Fox.

The other, quietly more important residual element of Favre’s 2009 presence, is that the previously Similac sippin’ Viking receivers, have been self empowered through Favre’s touch and charm. While you didn’t see Favre constantly chirping in The Fox’s ear – Tavaris should have visibly pursued Favre’s knowledge so that fans would feel greater confidence in today’s situation. But The Fox is also a country boy, and he was surely watching Favre in quiet country boy fashion…I hope.

Favre was like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Holy Angel’s Larry MacKenzie, when it came to inspiring and coaching the Vikings young receivers. Sidney Rice didn’t seem to fully understand how good he was before Favre’s pepping-up, and Favre simply used Tight End Visanthe Shiancoe to the best of Shiancoe’s potential. Favre’s presence was equivalent to the Viking receivers and tight ends going to see The Wiz. The purple faithful should hope for this continued confidence amongst the receivers, and the leadership of The Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club definitely wishes that will be the case. The receiver help that The Fox got in previous years can be summarized by watching the perfect bomb Jackson threw to Troy Williamson in Denver, which was almost so good that it may have lodged in Williamson’s facemask, but instead bounced like a soccer ball off of Williamson’s forehead, to which I refer to the play as the Greatest Drop in NFL History; even with those short little arms, a kangaroo coulda’ caught that ball.

The set-up is much better for The Fox this go-round in leading the Vikings at quarterback, but The Fox better not “get too far gone to understand” that “this is a business” (Purple Rain reference), and that there are veterans, as well as rookies, who aren’t afraid to bring our dear Fan Club, and likely The Fox’s career, to ruin.

Insight’s snappy new photographer Shane says that rookie quarterback Joe Webb is one to keep an eye on after a few days snapping photos down at training camp. Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress mentioned that Webb had additional ability to play wide receiver with his 6’3” 223lb frame. Most likely, the Vikings will now need to fiddle around the league and find some other rusty veteran to step in for insurance. If I’m not mistaken, Daunte Culpepper is still out there and ready to get his “roll on” (This is all until Favre returns of course.)


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