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Dec 21st

Tiger Woods falls down, but gets up

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tigerwoods…Oh! Never mind. Brett Favre is back! Let’s talk about that instead! …Actually, let’s just wait until after the Vikings’ first game versus the reigning Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints (shout out to the “Wardies” from the New Orleans neighborhoods). All I know is that the Vikings better put some type of concrete or force field around Favre’s ankle, because all year they will be lining up against some well-paid, ridiculously sized people to zero in on that ankle, but never fear, The Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club is still here.

Enough of that Barnum & Bailey & Favre Circus, we’ll give Tiger Woods his last shout out before this year’s golf season closes. Contrary to the many stories that suggest the demise of the worlds’ most famous adulterer, Tiger Woods, we have instead, the usual story that has been going on since the beginning of time has been unfolding instead: the story of redemption.

It’s amazing how folks get caught up in the moment of things and run to the hilltops shouting the news as if it were an “end of story” type of deal. Since writing more the last few years, I’ve gotten to the greater understanding of seeing things and immediately thinking, “yeah, whatever, what’s next?” Now anyone who watched Tiger Woods for any reasonable period of time would probably have deciphered that the young fella – you’re not old until you’re in the 50s (and at that time you still don’t have to claim it)-- is quite driven to succeed. Nothing succeeds like success, and Tiger Woods could probably buy a mid-sized house just to stash his trophies…and his safe. Actually, if you throw the safe in, then you probably need to upsize that mid-sized house to another mansion, in order to hold all that money. Being recognized as the worlds’ first billionaire athlete (in terms of his brand value), Tiger Woods has plenty of success to lean upon. And that is a great thing for him because he’ll be really lucky if his wife doesn’t take a crane-sized chainsaw to the middle of that proverbial mansion housing his billion-dollar safe.

“They” say the bigger they are the harder they fall, but I don’t think Tigers situation should really be viewed any differently than the many people going through marital catastrophe all across the seven continents. Tiger has been bothered, by the many helicopters and paparazzi that have pounced on this trial in his life, but nobody, including myself, really wants to hear that complaint, because for the most part all of that stuff was there before…and he’s got enough money to dig a tunnel to get wherever he needs to go. So once you wipe those high publicity differences away, what you have is a very common situation for many folks. What you also have is what I said before, which is a person extremely driven to succeed. What do you think is going to happen with that combination?

It has been very interesting to watch Tiger Woods throughout this year because it has been a study in the process of measured recovery. If Tiger worked a regular job, I would think that he would be an excellent engineer of sorts. It’s almost as if you can see the conference room where he and his assistants hammer out bullet-point lists of how to bring his golfing career back to prominence.

What you also see are the moments where life puts Tiger’s recovery business plan on hold. A few weeks ago Tiger had one of the absolute worst days of his career on the golf course, and his troubles were even on a golf course that he has dominated like no other over the years. This was the one weekend that a bunch of wanna-be golfers (like me) could dream of possibly beating Tiger Woods in the game that he has mastered like no other (I repeat, dream). He looked beaten. But he wore it well. Woods even had to jokingly make the point to a questioning journalist that, “I could still beat you.” His ability to joke about it, while still maintaining that “eye on the prize” says everything about whether Tiger can make it back to the top. And lest everyone forgets, he is still ranked as the #1 golfer in the World; another example of the success Tiger has banked up.

Weather Tiger keeps his marriage and the safe house/mansion, or whether his wife Elin takes a chainsaw and gets “HALF!” you can see him working to fix it all. You can see him trying. We fall down, but we get up. American culture tears folks down, then celebrates if they overcome – if they do overcome. The only question is if you’re dealing with an “overcomer” or “giver up’er”. The funny thing that nobody has addressed is how happy he or she will be for him when he wins again. Negativity sells a little too well…make that a lot too well. Hope they cover the overcoming like they did the beatdown.


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