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Dec 20th

Huge milestone for Favre is somehow muted

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favreOn a stormy Monday Night Football game, Brett Favre threw the 500th touchdown of his relentless career in the NFL. Joe Montana threw 273 touchdowns in his NFL career; Warren Moon 291; John Elway 300; Minnesota Viking, Fran Tarkenton 342; and Dan Marino 420.

Now that is certainly enough said right there, but unfortunately there was probably not enough said nationally about this Usain Bolt-like feat from Favre. There is always a storm of media following Favre for this reason or that, and in the Vikings recent Monday night game versus the vaunted NY Jets, that storm of media minutia swallowed a moment that should have been paused for honoring Favre’s accomplishment.

For whatever reason, I have never been the biggest Brett Favre fan, but 500 touchdowns is certified iconic stuff. And though the media overall swept the feat under the rug, the moment stamped itself in a way, in that fellow football icon Randy Moss was the recipient of that perfect rainbow pass to the endzone. It was the first such connection between the two, and seemed to be a full-circle sort of moment since Favre was on the losing end of Randy Moss’ national coming out party on Monday Night Football in 1998. If somehow the NFL and national media would have been able to push bull feces aside, then there likely should have been fireworks and a special performance by Puff Daddy because this was likely the greatest feat in NFL history. But somehow, the greatest feat in NFL history was muted by a text message. That’s right, a text message (I should note that people die in car accidents from text messages, so people should learn to understand the power they hold in their hand).

For those unaware, Favre allegedly sent a freaky text message two years ago to a cute, buxom brunette hired by the New York Jets to run around the stadium interviewing people in and around the game – something like a cheerleader with a cordless microphone (and don’t think it won’t catch on). Foolish Favre allegedly took the flirtatious bait and reciprocated with his own style of text flirting. Suggestions are that Favre stepped over the line with his flirting, and of course that’s not proper for a married man to do. Of course, Favre is not the first married person to get his flirt on, and as of yet it doesn’t seem that the lady in question filed any type of sexual harassment complaint with her employer, and thus any reasonable person would say, “So what.”

Apparently, the story has actually been around for months, but when some hungry online news site got hold of it and tossed it to the tabloid hungry public, the people that pick up tabloids at grocery checkout lines (for purchase, and not the acceptable sarcastic chuckle while waiting) started clicking their mouse to feed their tabloid hunger. So of course the supposed “legitimate media” then had to follow, because mouse clicks equal ad revenue – please remember that when you use your unassuming little computer mouse.

In other countries they get a kick out of watching Americans gasp and fret over stuff like Favre’s recent text message situation (I’m so sick of the word ‘scandal’). It seems that in the rest of the world they sit and talk about: food, politics, and on-the-field sports. Perhaps they know that if the fans and media had their personal messages exposed, then there would be a constant tidal wave of a buzz in the air from all the gasps and frets. And moreover, they probably have the foresight to recognize that all the gasping and fretting over everybody’s personal business would get in the way of more appreciable (food), important (politics), and fun (on-the-field sports) elements of life. The food tastes better if you shut up and chew, the politics get clearer if you shut up and listen, and sports provides for a riot of fun if you just talk about the amazing physical feats that men and women pull off on the field.

Brett Favre has now not only thrown for 502 touchdowns, but also in the same game reached the 70,000-yard mark for overall passing yards. That’s 40 miles!! Oh well. I guess it’s up to me to conjure up a “Congratulations to the Good Ol’ Country Boy!”

Maybe Favre is reaping what he sews for playing peak-a-boo with his fans all the dang time. Instead of “Pants on the Ground” perhaps Favre will come into the locker room with an old school ghetto-blaster bumpin’ Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s “Not Guilty”, which begins, “I thought this was America people!”

Sadly, it is.

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