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Dec 22nd

Packers show proper quarterback development

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aaronrodgersYou know I had to get in what very well may be my last mention of the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club. Whether you feel that opportunities just haven’t gone right for Jackson, or that he “just can’t get right”, I believe most of us think that it’s the end of the line for Jackson with the Vikings. Though most of us could be wrong (most of us meaning me).

With 18 free agents to re-sign, the Vikings will likely be in “trim the fat” mode this off-season; and Jackson’s passes haven’t been too lean over the past few years. Jackson’s passes have often leaned about 3 to 5 feet above his intended receiver’s head. For Tarvaris it’s all about controlling that cannon that he has attached to his shoulder, as well as the quite nimble feet he has below the waist. And thus the most important thing Jackson needs to control is also above his shoulders. If Jackson can find a way to comfortably be himself, and use his own judicious, country boy intellect – like the Good Ol’ Country Boy football smarts of Brett Favre, who is now, sadly, in everybody’s rear view mirror – to affect his own sharp personality on the field.

Additionally, I would imagine that Jackson hasn’t maximized his leadership through preparation, and over-delivering on developing relationships with his receivers. Perhaps Jackson hasn’t felt the authority to take that kind of leadership, but as cool Prof. Mahmoud El-Kati once told me, “You take authority.” If somehow behind closed doors Jackson has done these things…I can’t tell. But should Jackson exit stage/border left, due to free agency, I for one will be a lil’ bit sorry to see him go. Considering Jackson’s considerable cannon of an arm, I would not be surprised to see my favorite (and most hated) NFL owner, Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders, scoop Jackson up. Davis loves quarterbacks that can overthrow his Usain Bolt-like receiver; and yes that does result in a lot of incomplete passes; and no I don’t get it either. Players have a tendency to get mad when they join the Raiders. That would be a good thing for Jackson. He needs to get mad about something, in my opinion.

It’s going to be some kind of cool off-season seeing how new Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier strategically acts to change the team back to the performance level of 2009, rather than 2010. Hopefully the Vikings get some good breaks because a local Super Bowl could do a lot to warm up these Twin City streets and economy.

I suppose that technically there was a local Super Bowl, if you consider our Cheeseheads to the east to be local. Some Vikings fans may be the unfocused, angry brand of “mad”, in seeing their border-battle-buddies hoist the Lombardi Trophy along with a championship belt on quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ shoulder. Hands down, Green Bay quarterback Rodgers has a Hall of Fame touchdown celebration, with his “flash the belt” move, as if flashing a boxer’s big gold championship belt. Rodgers probably dreamed that move up while he sat behind The Good Ol’ Country Boy Brett Favre for three years, watching him sling the ball around like a madman, but then throw too many interceptions in the big game. Now Rodgers, who didn’t throw any interceptions in the Super bowl – will be a potential Tom Brady-like problem for the Vikings to visit with year-after-year. That’s how you properly plan to keep the party going at the quarterback position, and that same system should have been used in the case of Tarvaris Jackson. Not doing so spelled doom to me many moons ago with regards to the Vikings quarterback position, and Brad Childress’ eventual job status with the team.

What a year for the Vikings. I told you that you absolutely can’t make this stuff up – roofs caving in and all types of text message madness.

It ain’t gonna be nice for the Vikings to face the Green Bay Packers for the next few years. With Defensive Rookie of the Year Ndamukong Suh, the Detroit Lions may give more difficulty for years to come as well. Naturally the Chicago Bears will always put up some Chicago-style scrap. And so our new hero Leslie Frazier has a situation similar to President Obama in 2008. America is better now, Black History Month is hoppin’, and the Vikings still have Adrian Peterson. So I’ll add Alexander Pope’s “Hope Springs Eternal in the human breast…” It’s about time I found out where that quote came from.

And Welcome to The Tawhidul “Joe” Webb Fan Club! Better recognize.

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