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Dec 21st


A long time coming!

For as long as I can remember I wanted to play football.  It started at Jimmy Lee Recreation Center and L.E.S. football program, where I first met up with Willie Roller and Jonathan Harden, my current teammates.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) We should wish the best for Tiger and his wife

Child, Please!  This is how Tiger Woods should have responded to the question as to whether he owes the public a greater explanation for…whatever he did.  It’s pretty sickening (and historical) the way certain people froth over the potential downfall of another.  When I see those situations develop, it always reminds me of the people who beat down the central figure in the best selling book of all-time ( if you need the title).  But the simple wisdom of it all comes down to: misery loves company, and nobody is perfect.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Notre Dame still paying for wrongdoing

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Notre Dame still paying for wrongdoingThe University of Notre Dame football program has been treated as an entity that is above its gridiron peers. With 11 national championships in their history, seven before 1950, Notre Dame has earned their place for consideration of greatness in a college football program. But whereas most college football programs play within a set division (i.e. the Gophers belong to the Big Ten Division), Notre Dame is one of the few teams listed as an Independent.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Blizzards have an opportunity for everyone

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Blizzards have an opportunity for everyoneThe ABA is back in Minnesota where it belongs. Hearing that Minnesota is considered 3rd nationally for AAU (amateur) basketball participation, the facts bear out that Minnesota is a home for basketball.

Vikings Mid-Season Report: Pray for Favre … and AP

Vikings Mid-Season Report: Pray for Favre … and APMomentum. We all know about good days and bad days.  My advice is to squeeze as much as possible into the good days, and sit your butt down and read a book or go to bed early on the bad days.  Days turn into years, and the Vikings are having about as good of a first-half of an NFL year as possible.  I mean, anytime that the Vikings beat the Packers twice before the Thanksgiving turkeys get nervous, then the momentum must be squarely on the side of Purple Pride.

Florida Gators Trick the Georgia Bulldogs 41-17

84,604 fans cheered on Halloween night at the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium as the University of   Florida Gators crushed the University of Georgia Bulldogs 41-17.  This is the 74th anniversary of the annual event also dubbed as “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party” with RV City (fans with motor homes) showing up on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday game.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) Iron Mike Tyson, a study in heart, talent, & education

Mike Tyson. It’s amazing how a person’s name instantly whips-up an epic Titanic-like movie in our minds.  I often ask children to repeat their full names so that they do not take their own lifetime epic movie and epic potential for granted.  It doesn’t matter how brilliant or unrefined a person is, their life can become something for all to marvel over; especially if they invest their time into a positive activity that compliments their talents.
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