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Oct 19th


Now that was a Superbowl

Maaaaan!  Now that’s what I’m talkin bout! That was a Super Bowl!  I hope all of you non-sports people who I run into here and there, were watching that football game.  Last years’ Super Bowl was very exciting as well, but locally there were strong feelings of support for Minnesota grown Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. which heightened attention and emotional investment towards this year’s game.  A special support rally was held at The Favor Café (913 W. Lake St.) in Uptown, for some of the people close to Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. and Sr.

Alabama wooing the U Gophers’ winning Tubby Smith

Considering the last two Minnesota winters, I can’t say that I would blame a country boy (man) like Tubby Smith for wanting to take the alleged basketball coaching opportunity that the University of Alabama is said to be courting him for. Seeing how Alabama typically seems to go after coaches that they want like a kid with money goes after candy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with a dollar figure that any fool would take. So in the meantime and in-between time everyone should soak up some of this University of Minnesota basketball goodness before it vanishes into thin air.

Uh-Oh! Guess who is winning?!

Uh-Oh!  Guess who is winning?!In a television interview after one of their recent wins Kevin McHale said that he told the Timberwolves team, “Have fun.  Being able to play in the NBA is like a dream.  It goes fast, and when it’s over you wish you could go back to sleep.”  That is a great quote, and apparently it and a few other factors have come together to jumpstart the Timberwolves.

The 10,000th order of business for the new President

The 10,000th order of business for the new President  I rank better snow plowing this year over an alternative to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) for college football.  But I just may join the conspiracy theorists who think that there was never really a man on the moon if someone doesn’t figure out how to develop a college football championship system that pleases more than just the two schools “judged” to be the best in the country.

Dallas Cowboys learned the hard way: You can’t buy love

At some point in time sports franchises are going to have to realize that trying to create a dream team through investing in as many superstar players as they can get their hands on is not the formula for success. I’m really trying to press my memory to remember the last time a team spent a boatload of money to get a player with a bad attitude, and it resulted in the team winning a championship.


Adrian Peterson: More for the record books

Adrian Peterson:  More for the record books

On the final game of the season, Adrian Peterson once again ran into the record books. At this point in time the Vikings faithful, and unfaithful, should sit back and realize that we are privileged to be able to watch one of the rare “ultra-great” athletes to ever step into the National Football League. Fortunately Peterson has a much better attitude in his youth, unlike Minnesota’s most recent history making prodigy: Randy Moss.


Life after the Super Bowl quiz

Life after the Super Bowl quiz

By Ryan T. Scott

The Super Bowl was about as good as it gets. Anybody who picked the Giants to win that game is a genius . . . ahem (cough-cough). Actually I didn't pick the Giants to win; I picked the Patriots to lose. And I picked no Super Bowl ring for that chump Randy Moss -- granted, Randy is becoming less of a chump with age, as am I . . . I think.
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