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Dec 18th


(Mr. T's Sports Report) The rebirth of the Travaris Jackson Fan Club

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The rebirth of the Travaris Jackson Fan ClubWell, well, well.  After all that hullabaloo about Brett Favre coming to the Vikings, all of the traitors must now come back on their knees groveling for the laser-like cannon arm of the one and only Travaris Fox Jackson to save their purple dreams.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The next level of Protect the E.D.G.E.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The next level of Protect the E.D.G.E.Any member of the team that many call ‘The Greatest High School Basketball Team of All-Time” more than likely has a bird’s eye view of the world that few will ever know or even dream of.  Anyone would have to imagine that a kid going through an experience such as that would have quite the story to tell, and the experience to back it up.  Many in the Twin Cities are already aware of the name Coach Q, but the hoop-dream baptism that young Quadree Drakeford experienced in his time at Mt. Zion Christian Academy in Durham, NC, provides a story that anyone can sit and be riveted to for hours, and I’m proof.  Fortunately for the youth of the Twin Cities, Coach Q has converted his experience into an exploding basketball concept by the name of Protect the E.D.G.E. (PTE).

Michael Vick's sentence ended Monday

(NNPA) - The federal dogfighting sentence served by Michael Vick was scheduled to end Monday and the world will now watch with respect to his future as a professional athlete.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must decide whether Vick's suspension will end and, if so, when -- allowing the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback a chance to play in the league again.


Earvin “Magic” Johnson focuses on community, entrepreneurship and leadership at Jefferson High

Earvin “Magic” Johnson focuses on community, entrepreneurship and leadership at Jefferson HighEarvin "Magic" Johnson spoke to the boys and coaches participating in the Best Buy Basketball Challenge Series presented by Adidas and Double Pump at Jefferson High School in Bloomington on Monday, July 13. Johnson addressed players and coaches with a presentation focused on entrepreneurship, community and leadership. Johnson also discussed his recently-published book, 32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The power of the ballpark

(Mr. T's Sports Report) The power of the ballparkBefore we ease into a new era of iconic urban baseball and collegiate football stadiums, I thought it important to acknowledge the importance of those parks and the people that fill them.  I have mentioned each of the two new parks in previous articles, but recent discussion about the best baseball towns in America gave me the feeling that Minnesota doesn’t get its propers for sports “fanship”(“propers” and “fanship” should be words).  Like many other industries where Minnesota quietly thrives, Minnesota sports industry seems to be recognized, but not celebrated.

(Mr. T's Sports Report) McNair almost always played through the pain

Steve “Air” McNair was the first Black quarterback to make African American football players exhale with regard to a certain plateau in equality having been achieved.  Before McNair there were the high-profile names of Doug Williams, Randall Cunningham, and Warren Moon, amongst a few others from waaaay back, who stood tall as the giants that laid the yellow brick road for McNair and those that followed him in success.  Yet McNair was the first to see the Wizard of Oz.  It is unfortunate that it took his death for people (including me) to recognize his brilliance and importance.

Minneapolis basketball standout holds first Youth Basketball Camp

Friday, mid –afternoon no school for most children; community centers are buzzing with energized young people excited about summer.  One community center in particular, the Richard Green Central Gymnasium and Community Center in South Minneapolis, is the host of the 1st Annual Kammron Taylor Youth Basketball Camp.  There were over 150 boys and girls each day in attendance over the three days, with hoop dreams and aspirations of becoming the next basketball star.
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