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Dec 18th


Could Miami sneak up and win the NBA crown?

Could Miami sneak up and win the NBA crown? It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride for the Miami Heat this year. LeBron James’ “Decision” to come to Miami went way too noticed, and led to a feeling that the season started early. The anticipation of seeing what the newly assembled super team could accomplish set the stage for the rollercoaster’s initial drop.

Of course as soon as the team experienced a streak of consecutive losses, panic, jeers, and debates were once again set off. It only took the team losing three games in a row in November to do that—this new age of media is really something else.

New retractable roof stadium in Arden Hills

Ramsey County officials announced last week they have reached an agreement with the Minnesota Vikings to be the team’s local partner in the effort to build a new 1.6 million-square-foot retractable-roof, multi-purpose stadium in Arden Hills.

The site of the publicly owned stadium will be the former Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant property. The agreement reached by the team and the County calls for an $884 million stadium and an additional $173 million for on-site infrastructure, parking and environmental costs, bringing the total project costs to $1.057 billion.

Phil Jackson: Golden til’ the end

Phil Jackson: Golden til’ the endPhil Jackson. Though he benefits from the high profile spotlight of the NBA stage, Jackson’s name may go down as the greatest coach in sports history. It’s pretty pleasing to have Jackson coaching the Lakers (in my California opinion), but the potential third 3-Peat of my Laker fan days, pales compared to Jackson’s pursuit of a fourth overall 3-Peat in his career. I imagine that it’s a little strange for Chicago Bulls fans to see Jackson winning all the championships with the Lakers, as it is for me trying to appreciate the Bulls’ championship run under Jackson in the 90’s—considering the Bulls killed the “Showtime” Lakers coming out of the 80’s, leading to a 90’s decade of misery for the Lakers.

Wheaties champions mentorship with “Fuel a Future” campaign

Wheaties champions mentorship with “Fuel a Future” campaignWheaties FUEL®, the first-ever cereal designed specifically to help fuel wins, launched its FUEL a Future campaign to empower parents and other mentors to help develop the next generation of champions through sports.  

As of April 6, any adult can pledge to play one game of basketball with a child in their family or community at  Wheaties FUEL will donate $1 per pledge to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  Wheaties FUEL guarantees a $50,000 donation to Boys & Girls Clubs and will donate up to $40,000 more based on pledges.

Tiger meows back at The Masters

Tiger meows back at The MastersThe 2011 Masters tournament was great, but all is not necessarily right with the world, so don’t get it twisted. Anyone who includes golf as a game that at least makes for moments where things seem right with the Universe, appreciated the returned presence and golf prowess of Tiger Woods in the Masters. Augusta hasn’t been the same since Woods exploded with his first victory there in 1997.  and whether good or bad times, he knows how to play there.

Lukewarm start on the field, but hot in the stands

Lukewarm start on the field, but hot in the standsLast year the Minnesota Twins had the honor of being the toast of the nation with the introduction of Target Field, and the subsequent #1 stadium ranking by ESPN. Often it seems that the ‘cool’ people in this country don’t have immediate notions that Minnesota is a hip place to be. You would think that there might be enough recognition from the fact that there are more per capita Fortune 500 companies (21) than any other state in the union.  You would also think that people from across the country would recognize how cool I am and be drawn to examine Minnesota closer. As local comedian Cy Amundson said in a recent show at Acme Comedy Club, after a similar bragging type of joke, “Welcome to the show”. (I’m guessing that type of joke sounds better on stage than in print.)

Actions, not words

Actions, not words“He led by example.  He wasn’t a big talker…if he told you something you could take it to the bank.”
-Bruce Matson, on his father Ollie

The 1972 NFL Hall of Fame parade winds along its two-mile route through Canton, Ohio.  Barbara Matson, the 10-year-old daughter of inductee Ollie Matson, takes it all in from the backseat of one open convertible while her dad rides up ahead in another.  Throughout the preceding days of ceremonies she has watched as a succession of unfamiliar people have come up to Ollie and shaken his hand or asked him to sign a piece of paper.  Now thousands gather along the parade route, some shouting his name.  He smiles, waves back.  It is all very bewildering.
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