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Dec 22nd


Tiger Woods falls down, but gets up

Tiger Woods falls down, but gets up…Oh! Never mind. Brett Favre is back! Let’s talk about that instead! …Actually, let’s just wait until after the Vikings’ first game versus the reigning Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints (shout out to the “Wardies” from the New Orleans neighborhoods). All I know is that the Vikings better put some type of concrete or force field around Favre’s ankle, because all year they will be lining up against some well-paid, ridiculously sized people to zero in on that ankle, but never fear, The Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club is still here.

Enough of that Barnum & Bailey & Favre Circus, we’ll give Tiger Woods his last shout out before this year’s golf season closes. Contrary to the many stories that suggest the demise of the worlds’ most famous adulterer, Tiger Woods, we have instead, the usual story that has been going on since the beginning of time has been unfolding instead: the story of redemption.

Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and John Randle inducted into the Hall of Fame

Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and John Randle inducted into the Hall of FameMany, including myself, consider Jerry Rice the Greatest Football player to ever grace an NFL field; and I do mean grace. While Rice did have a few “diva” years in the beginning of his NFL career, you don’t hear much of that because of the hard work and professionalism shown throughout Rice’s career. Typically, you can make a statement like that and it just breezes by without one really noticing the words “hard work” and “professionalism”, and really thinking about there meaning. With Rice, you must pay attention to these words (See: Rice’s legendary training regiment, and meticulous nature all the way down to his uniform), because he is one of those unique individuals who mastered the meaning of the George Washington Carver quote: “When you do common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the World.”

Welcome back to the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club

Welcome back to the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club
The Real Fox is Back! The Silver Fox, a.k.a. Elvis, a.k.a. Brett Lorenzo Favre has left the building, but is still sitting in the parking lot, laying against the hood of his pick-up truck, agonizing over football and flatscreen tvs from Sears, while doing a Wrangler commercial all at the same time.

Perhaps Favre’s rusty old ankle seems to be the sneaky thing holding the Good Ol’ Country boy back, but as Coach Yoast said in the movie Remember the Titans, “FORGET ABOUT HIM!! (Tarvaris), you’re in!” Favre (thusfar) pulled a different practical joke than I predicted, or Father Time pulled the bigger practical joke on Favre’s ankle. But the Purple fan base can do an about-face and find me standing with my arms folded in “nnhhnn” style (the low volume, “I told you so” kind of nnhhnn), yet always willing to welcome you back to The Tarvaris Fox Jackson Fan Club. With a year under his belt watching Favre, it’s as if Jackson got to visit and train with Yoda. The real Fox is now ready to assume his rightful place amongst the Jedi; of course the last time somebody claimed “Jedi” status, it was Daunte Culpepper, and, uh, yeah, … Culpepper sure was good before he said that though.

Boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson cared for his opponents in the ring

Sugar Ray Robinson, ranked by the Associated Press as the greatest boxer of the 20th Century, also exhibited a caring and compassionate nature that matched his talent. According to a new biography, Robinson would whisper to an opponent he was clobbering, “You aren’t a bum. Lay down. It’s too much.” If the opponent tried to keep his feet, the man’s battering only got worse until he went limp or was knocked out. From his earliest amateur bouts on, Sugar Ray’s opponents didn’t know what hit them. Robinson won 69 of his 85 amateur bouts by knockouts, 40 of them in the first round, and never lost a fight. During his professional career he won 173 more fights, tied six, and the 19 fights he did lose came mostly in his forties at an age when other fighters had long retired from the sport.

Tennis stars of tomorrow celebrate Serena Williams Wimbledon win

 Tennis stars of tomorrow celebrate Serena Williams Wimbledon winRecently youth tennis players at the Venus and Serena Williams Tutorial/Tennis Academy celebrated Serena's recent Wimbledon title win.

The mission of the Venus and Serena Williams Tutorial/Tennis Academy is to ensure the development of well-rounded individuals who will become positive role models in their respective communities by providing the necessary academic and tennis resources to enable each player to attend the college of his or her choice on a tennis scholarship.

Brett Favre’s got jokes

Brett Favre’s got jokesI’m glad that I write for Insight News, because I can tell some interesting (I hope) stories, and perhaps add to the back and forth jibber-jabber over sports. And you can say that you heard it here first, when I tell you that Brett Favre is pulling the greatest practical joke in sports history.

Say “Will he or won’t he?” ten times fast, and that is what sports news, local news, and every other news sounds like these days, referring to Favre. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, and I would imagine that those fans that paint their bodies purple and gold can’t sleep a wink. And at the center of all this angst, the good ol’ country boy, Brett Favre, is pulling all those purple and gold heartstrings. The difference between Favre coming back, and not coming back, makes most Vikings fans think either: “Superbowl here we come” with Favre, or “the fun is in the tailgating anyway” without Favre (the door is always open for everyone to join the Tarvaris Jackson Fan Club…we got plenty of room.)

The real Twins time is coming

The real Twins time is comingWell, it’s after the All-Star Break in Major League Baseball, and this means that the season is actually starting. No sport has as a lazy a first half of the season as the NBA, but they can use the “7 feet tall and running” excuse. However, the baseball players have the “what idiot decided we need 182 games” excuse. Regardless of the sport, the first half of the season determines whose good, and who isn’t good. During the second half of the season, pro-sport folks start playing for extra checks in the current season and re-negotiated contracts for the coming season.

The Twins recently had a 3-run 9th inning comeback, plus the extra winning run, that typifies the scrappy character of the team. And though there have been consistent pesky injuries throughout the early part of the season, I repeat, Minnesota is fortunate to have a scrappy professional baseball team.
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