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Nov 25th


A post-Thanksgiving dinner sports discussion piece

A post-Thanksgiving dinner sports discussion piece
Seeing as everyone should be a little too comatose from the 15th and 20th helpings of turducken (turkey, duck and chicken combo), I figure that it is best to approach this article with everyone’s capacity to stay awake in mind. Thus, we’ll do something like a Q&A, and cover a wide range of topics. We’ll do this just in case you fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, and then suddenly wake up talking about, “Yeah boy that Michael Vick is something else.” Only to be told: “Boy we were talking about college basketball. Go back to sleep. Unless you want some of Uncle J’s sweet potato pecan pie before it’s gone.”

It’s amazing a person with a full belly can go from sleep, to lopping Cool Whip on a piece of pie, within 30 seconds; only on Thanksgiving; and I’d say that’s something to be thankful for.

What do you think about the Vikings?
Ron Washington, manager of the Texas Rangers baseball team, has a saying, “That’s the way baseball go.” Well, that’s the way football go, too. So, win one for the Gipper and the possibility of a new stadium. Fortunately, it never gets old watching A.P. run all day.

DeSean Jackson honors father with work off the field

DeSean Jackson honors father with work off the fieldDeSean Jackson has made some outstanding plays as a wide receiver and punt returner for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson has been recognized for his talents with a trip to the Pro Bowl.

However, he was honored for his work off the field recently by Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., who saluted Jackson for his campaign in raising awareness and his battle against pancreatic cancer.

Jackson and his mother, Gayle Jackson, started the DeSean Jackson Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer. In 2009, DeSean’s father, Bill, died from pancreatic cancer.

New look Timberwolves take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’

New look Timberwolves take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’All the way back to his collegiate days at UCLA, it was Kevin Love’s hands that suggested he had some potential for greatness. Michael Jordan suggested that today’s players are weaker in their ability to use proper footwork and they do not have the ability to powerfully grip the ball. Kevin Love covers both of those deficiencies, and the result is something like a baby Charles Barkley. It should be said, though, that Sir Charles was able to get his big butt way up in the air on his dunks; but we can’t hold that against Love; Sir Charles is from Alabama.

Without struggle there is no progress for the Vikings

Without struggle there is no progress for the VikingsDuring the 2009-2010 NFL season, the Vikings had everything going their way. The last second passes were successful by the tip of a toe in the end zone; coaches and players were getting along (most of the time); there were no stories of text messages that everyone wishes they hadn’t heard about; and Randy Moss was happy in New England, and thus nobody was in the Vikings locker room trippin’ about the catered food.

The magic of the 2009 season was my reasoning for thinking that Brett Favre should have stayed saddled up on his tractor. The only thing that could stop the Vikings last year was a deep manifestation of that ole’ “Creole mojo,” that the Saints had cooking down in the Superdome. The Saints won the Super Bowl, so it seems that the mojo could not be defeated, and thus the Vikings technically did as well as they possibly could last year. And usually a year like that is not followed up by a year of the same type of performance or better.

Management 101 for Coach Childress

Management 101 for Coach Childress
First of all, let’s teach the kids that if you don’t like somebody’s food, you just say, “No thank you.” Randy Moss apparently made a “Chappelle Show” episode out of expressing his dislike for the food from a local restaurant. Apparently this episode, along with a few other potential attitude incidents, led to the abrupt dismissal of Moss from the Vikings after only four games. Vikings head coach Brad Childress responded simply to the situation by suggesting that trading for Moss was a “poor decision”. I disagree, and I’m guessing that the proof will bear out through Moss showing pleasant success with his new team, the Tennessee Titans.

Randy Moss is an honest dude. Two quotes of his stick out in my mind over the years: “I play when I want to play,” and “Straight cash homie!” Those two quotes translate to: “I want to feel like a valued employee,” and, “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.”

“Uncle Ron” Washington rises to the top

“Uncle Ron” Washington rises to the top
Three African-American men have managed a team in the World Series. Ron Washington, the most recent of the three (including Cito Gaston and Dusty Baker), is leading the Texas Rangers through the big show, and for everyone’s viewing pleasure, he’s taking a few familiar spirits with him: the spirits of imperfection, honesty and hard, diligent work.

From the first moment that the Insight News primary target market saw, or sees, Ron Washington on their HD television screens, they may have to do a double-take to make sure that Washington is not their long lost relative. If Washington doesn’t look like everyone’s favorite “Uncle Ron” while he stands there in the dugout flipping sunflower seeds off of his lips, then collard greens ain’t good. You can feel a genuine feeling jumping off of the screen when watching Washington, and his players confirm that observation in what they have to say about him.

Wolf pack redesigned for upcoming season

Wolf pack redesigned for upcoming seasonWatch out now. The Timberwolves seem to have a new groove. Whether you agree with that possibility or not, the Wolves have several new players, and that’s a fact. Pre-season observation of this adjusted pack of Wolves seems to show a team with some improved lift on the court – or maybe it could be that Wolves’ GM David Kahn, who rarely seems to smile himself, is lining up a set of the most genuine smiles that the NBA has to offer. I smell a “Minnesota Nice” promotional campaign coming. Considering the price of tickets to Wolves games these days, it just might work.
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