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Black dollars pour into Black banks
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Black dollars pour into Black banks

By Michael H. Cottman, Urban News Service –  Baltimore-based attorney Jelani Murrain plans to transfer his hard-earned money to an institution of financial empowerment – a Black-owned bank. “The fact that Black people have dealt with financial discrimination is a matter of record,” Murrain, a father of three young children, told Urban News Service.

Black-on-Black crime is destroying communities

Black-on-Black crime is destroying communities

[caption id="attachment_25441" align="alignleft"]torylowe 1Tory Lowe hugs a supporter during the dedication of Tracolli Peace Park. Named after Tracolli Surveyor, gunned down December 10, 2014 a block from his house as he walked a family friend home from school. Tory Lowe, 39, is a prominent activist in Milwaukee who advocates for the families of those who have been shot by police, even as he works to reduce violence in the community and challenges the administration of District Attorney John Chisholm and Police Chief Ed Flynn…by André Chung.[/caption]MILWAUKEE – Tory Lowe walked 100 miles across steaming-hot pavement from Milwaukee to Chicago because he is tired.

The 39-year-old human rights activist from Milwaukee said he’s tired of young African-American men killing each other; he’s tired of African-American children dying after being caught in the crossfire; he’s tired of attending funerals for African-American men who were shot to death; he’s tired of watching the city’s homicide rate continue to climb. In August the city’s murder rate reached 85, one killing shy of the overall total in 2014. Sadly, some African-American residents expect murders to reach 100 by year’s end.

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