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Still there? Working when everyone else is gone

While enjoying that shorter commute to work, you have less time than ever to contemplate your unique situation: still employed. But “The Economy” is impacting you, too, and the sooner you acknowledge your new challenges, the better off you will be long term. Typical symptoms reported by those still working include increased stress at work, survivor’s guilt and anxiety. Ironically, these are the same problems your former co-workers are facing. Now what?


New year, same old you

Plan Your Career by Julie DesmondAt life’s turning points, people expect change. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, holidays are supposed to magically transform us into new and better versions of ourselves, right? Maybe, but not usually, or at least not for long. Remember Y2K? This New Year’s Day is unlikely to change things any more than that one did. Unemployment will be up again in January, along with foreclosures and lines at food shelves across Minneapolis. The obstacles to your happiness are not likely to melt away overnight. Except one. If you are standing in your own way, it is time to take control where you can and change something you can change: yourself.

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