On Tuesday June 5th, Al McFarlane will be live in studio with Fata Acquoi. 

Fata is the Founder and CEO of the Take Back Africa Foundation. She is currently the Programs Director with African Immigrant Services (AIS) in Minnesota. AIS is a community-based organization with a proven record of bringing people together to organize and co-create a community-built agenda in which people who are most impacted by disparities and systemic barriers are at the center of building their own power and solutions.

Recently, Fata has emerged as a leader in immigration reform. She led the AIS delegation to Washington D.C. where they lobbied congressional delegates with large Liberian constituents in search of an extension for Liberians on Deferred Enforced Departure (DED). Her immigration work extended to the facilitation and planning of the March 26, 2018 Liberian Immigration Solidarity Rally. These efforts ultimately led to the extension of DED for 12 more months.

The Take Back Africa Foundation has an upcoming summit. The Take Back Africa Summit is the annual conference organized by the Take Back Africa Foundation. The Take Back Africa Summit is a place where young African millennials seeking a safe space to produce innovative solutions in the realms of economic revitalization, infrastructure development, public health and education reform gather in fellowship The event will take place June 15th - 17th., 2018. For more information, visit www.takebackafricasummit.org

Conversations with Al McFarlane airs Tuesdays form 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.  CST on KFAI. 

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