Children’s Theatre Company (CTC), 2400 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis will present Dr. Seuss’s “How The Grinch Stole Christmas!,” running Nov. 6 through Jan. 6.

In the classic tale, a miserly and miserable, ever-so-cantankerous Grinch has witnessed the despicable Christmas joy of the Whos with disdain, from a distance, for decades. In this favorite holiday story, filled with music and Seussian rhymes, the Grinch conceives a dastardly plot to destroy what the Whos love. It’s the smallest of the Whos, tiny Cindy-Lou, who extends a hand. Through the combination of kindness and community, the audience witnesses not only a change in the course of Who history, but also the size and capacity of the old green guy’s heart.

 “Over the years, I’ve been gifted the opportunity to portray a wide variety of fantastic characters on the CTC stage,” said CTC company member Reed Sigmund. “After each production, I bid farewell to each character, and they depart into the ether, possessing a piece of my affection. Some characters, however, never leave me. The Grinch is one of those characters. The Grinch carries a soul with such depth and richness that I never tire of exploring each and every nook and cranny of his complex personality. As I prepare to don the green fur once again, I giddily wonder what new discoveries I will make in this production.”

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