Gipsy Kings: The kings of flamenco guitars

Gipsy Kings

“Fasten your seat belt, Kathy.” I overheard one friend remark to another as they shimmied to their assigned seats at the Ordway Music Hall, gyrating to the beat of the preshow flamenco, salsa, pop and tango fusions that define the Gipsy Kings.

The Ordway’s promo description of the “Grammy Award-winning hit-makers behind ‘Bamboléo’ … taking audiences back to the south of France with flamenco guitars and booming Spanish vocals” was spot on.

The glorious music evoked an amorous appetite among those in love. I was caught in the crossfire of affection that began with the sultry, jazzy original lyrics and sounds of special guests, husband and wife team that make up Park88.

Applause grew to a fever pitch when the 11-member musical team took their position on stage and were welcome with a full minute of standing ovation filled with cheers, whistles and screams of delight. The six extraordinary guitars all strumming in unison intermixing with the sounds of the drums began breathing life and passion into the music theater house.

Minnesota is indeed a member of that party triage of the south of France as evidenced by the roaring crowd. The house exploded with applause and shouts of “thank you” echoing throughout the theater. Unable to contain themselves, guests began popping up from their seats and spilling out into the aisles. Even the balcony viewers danced to the beat. Bodies moving to the sensual music, harmonic voices that were mesmerizing us.

There are no sounds like those of dueling guitars intermixed with the thunderous sounds of a unique style of yodeling merging with rap.

At most concerts you see arms in the air, popping up here and there; hands out, palms pumping upwards. At the Gipsy Kings performance, the hands-up in the air were graceful, balletic movements telling a story. Men, women and children alike were swallowed up by the spellbinding sounds suddenly becoming fluid, graceful in their movement.

Gipsy Kings showcased their Grammy Award-winning album “Savor Flamenco” and a new project, “Experience.” This one-time only performance gave us a taste of the joyous music the world has been experiencing for more than 25 years.

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