Lula Saleh

Lula Saleh

The Minneapolis Art Lending Library (MALL) will host its next lending hours at the North Commons Recreation Center, 1801 James Ave. N., Minneapolis, this coming Friday (April 27), from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.


Community members are invited to browse a collection of more than 100 original works of art, then choose one to take home for a period of three months. Lending hours are free and open to all. First time borrowers must bring proof of their cur­rent address and sign a borrower agreement.


During this event, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive activity lead by artist Lula Saleh. Saleh will create watercolor postcards that visi­tors can use as a canvas to write their own love poem or note of affirmation and mail it to a loved one. This family-friendly activity will be free and open to all who visit the lending event.



Saleh is an Eritrean Ethiopian-American, Saudi-born, poet, singer-song­writer, and facilitator who is an Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellow, a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts Strategies, and an Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) affiliated artist. Her focus is on the intersections of healing from trauma, music, womanhood, feminism and African diaspora identities. She uses her art, voice and personal story to cultivate spaces for connection toward collective healing, empathy and compassionate expression.

MALL is a community-focused arts organi­zation providing the public an opportunity to borrow original artworks, free of charge. The collection features a changing selection of more than 100 contem­porary artworks, with a focus on work from Twin Cities artists that includes paint­ings, drawings, prints, photographs, ceramics, sculptures and more.

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