Biz Markie

Biz Markie

Some of the most eclectic trendsetters in the Twin Cities are gearing up for one of the most anticipated annual events; the Walker Art Center’s Avant Garden, Sept. 8.

The annual fundraiser attracts upwards of 1,000 guests to the Walker; most adorned in garish fashions to match the ambiance that is the Walker. This year’s partygoers will be rocking to the spins hip-hop legend, Biz Markie.

One of the pioneers of hip-hop, Biz Markie extended his career transitioning from a rhymer and beatboxer to a turntable master who is one the most sought-after in the industry. With his biggest hit, 1989’s “Just A Friend,” still a party favorite in clubs, Biz Markie says his style of DJing is just like his style of music.

“Be prepared for a whole lot of fun and singing along with me,” warned the rapper-turned-DJ.

Biz Markie said the reason for his success is because of his love for the music.

“This isn’t a job for me. This is a hobby. It’s for the culture. I just love to do it,” said Biz Markie.

True hip-hop heads recognize Biz’s skills on the turntables, but still revere him as the Cold Chillin’ rhymer known for such classics as “Vapors,” “Nobody Beats the Biz,” “Pickin’ Boogers,” “Goin’ Off” and “Make the Music with Your Mouth.” Biz said many of those classics make it into his DJ set.

“I want everybody to join in, singing and having fun.”

Along with Biz Markie, Avant Garden features South African-Swiss DJ, Nora En Pure and quirky, yet soulful performer, Har Mar Superstar.

Tickets for Avant Garden at the Walker, 725 Vineland Pl., Minneapolis, start at $125 and are available online at

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