Forbes names Revel Avila one of the best añejo tequilas

Adding to a growing list of praise and accolades, Minnesota-based Revel Avila has been named by Forbes as one of the best añejo tequilas.

The honor was bestowed on the agave spirit in the Nov. 21 holiday gift guide edition. Añejos are tequilas aged between one and three years. As Forbes put it describing Revel, “Aged 24 months in French oak barrels, this triple distilled spirit is not technically tequila, but rather an añejo expression of a new category of agave spirits called Avila. Harvested from 100 percent Blue Weber agave Revel Avila Añejo is distilled using a process that combines the best of both tequila and mezcal production. With flavors of caramel, dried fruit and cognac, this is a nice gift for your extra-hip friend who's always ahead of the curve, looking for a unique libation to add to his or her bar cart. Sold at liquor stores in Minnesota, California and New York.”

Revel will have tastings in Minnesota on Dec. 28 at the Wine and Thief Ale Jail, 1787 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul and Wayzata Municipal Wine and Spirits, 747 Mill St., Wayzata and Dec. 29 at First Grand Ave Liquor Store, 918 Grand Ave., St. Paul. All tastings are from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Revel is owned by Micah McFarlane, brother to Insight News founder and editor-in-chief, Al McFarlane.

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