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Going forward...

Goapele brings

Neo-Soul, R&B

Oakland born artist blends jazz and electronica. Her name means “to go forward,” in Tswana, a Bantu language spoken in Africa.

Neosoul star Goapele is set to headline this weekend’s Selby Avenue Jazz Festival. 

The Saturday (Sept. 14) event takes place from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. at the corners of Selby Avenue and Milton Street in St. Paul and the annual event is free to the public and open to all ages. Headlining this year’s event is Bay Area neosoul star, Goapele.

With her 2001 smash hit, “Closer,” Goapele quickly emerged as one of the leading voices in the neosoul/alternative soul movement. Her major label debut album, “Even Closer,” gave fans the classics “Closer,” “Romantic,” “Catch 22,” “Too Much the Same” and “Red, White & Blues.” Her follow-up, “Change it All,” featured the title track as it’s first release and included songs “4 a.m.,” “Different,” and “First Love.” In 2014 Goapele performed in Minneapolis for a similar outdoor festival, Urbane Exposure, following the release of her most recent studio album, “Strong as Glass,” which included the infectious “Hey Boy” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Also performing for this year’s festival are gospel artist and member of Sounds of Blackness, Patricia Lacy, Bossa Soul, The Jazz Standards, Brio Brass and the Selby Avenue Brass Band.

Besides a free day of entertainment, the Selby Avenue Jazz Fest also features a variety of food vendors, family activities, a health and wellness village and live artist demonstrations.

“We’re working hard to make sure there’s plenty to do to for folks to make a full day of it,” said Mychael Wright, founder of the event and owner of Golden Thyme coffee shop on Selby.

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