Vyre x Cracka-Juneteenth2021

Critically Acclaimed Series "CRACKA" Drops the Experimental Episode June 19th, or Juneteeth, Exclusively on Vyre Network. The controversial movie "CRACKA," a film by disruptive Director, Dale Resteghini, who proudly claims, his new series can help ‘solve racism’, will premier exclusively on Vyre Network on June 19th or Juneteenth. Resteghini has shaken up the industry and the world with his mind bending alternate history project, ever since it went viral within 24 hours of releasing the visually stunning trailer on YouTube. Inspired by his disgust of the rise in white supremacy the past few years, he decided someone needed to push back hard and this jaw dropping episode does just that. Many describe “CRACKA” as a visceral visual blend of Jordan Peele and Quentin Tarantino which features world class actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Hotel Rawanda, King Kong) as brutal black slave master, Dex Jackson, Lorenzo Antonucci (Ballers, Paradise City) as defiant white supremacist, Mike Stone and rapper Saigon (Entourage), in a pivotal role and has garnered Resteghini major agency and network attention and the initial robust creative discussions with network executives about where Resteghini intends on taking this series and its characters slowly changed to ‘The public are not ready for this.’ Ultimately, ‘they’ felt the more traditional and ‘familiar’ racial tones needed to be applied as to not come off as too dangerous for ‘White America’. In true ‘maverick filmmaker’ style, Resteghini bucked at their dated and whitewashed suggestions and declined to sell out, essentially leaving him with one option and that was to find the right outlet who shared his vision and had the courage without the feat of backlash from ‘White America’, to take this project to the next level. It’s "Roots" meets “Outlander” with elements of "Lost" and "Game of Thrones" all rolled into one. Humanity exploring what humanity means at the very core of its definition. Done on an indie budget and designed as a thrilling original new experimental episode, "CRACKA" is stunningly provocative, controversial and as Resteghini intended, uses sci-fi as a Trojan horse that allows people to see racism through an entirely new lens. With “CRACKA”, industry insiders recognize Resteghini as a dominant new voice in modern day cinema.

The dynamic range of characters that co-exist in "CRACKA" let us delve into the topic of the disease or racism, and spins it on its head in a way that no one has ever seen. With the ever-growing controversies and debates about social injustices, race inequality and racism overall, "CRACKA,", co-written by Kevin D. Young, gives an absolutely brutally honest in-depth look and new meaning to life, love, liberty and justice for all. By using present-day situations, blending daily headlines and adding a historical twist by simply holding up a mirror for us to see what’s happening in America, "CRACKA" unapologetically asks us all, “What if this happened to you and your family?” Full of painfully rich, historical broad strokes of history, "CRACKA" drops us into the black and white mystique of slavery, with hopes to strengthen the outlook of pointless bigotry that is still haunting us today, 401 years later. "CRACKA" doesn’t just tackle racism; it confronts it in a way you can’t possibly imagine until you experience the visual. This powerfully unique experimental episode, forces White America to look past color, look past their fears of Black and Brown America and allows them to see them as equal people through the much-needed lens of love.

"CRACKA" will premier exclusively on Vyre Network on June 19th. Private Screening

Link of the Episode: http://bit.ly/CrackaPrescreening

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