JUXTA building coming down

Workers began tearing down the corner building at West Broadway and Emerson Avenues, former home to Juxtaposition Arts. The space will soon be home to an outdoor skate/skateboard park. 

The posters on the West Broadway Avenue facing windows of the Juxtaposition Arts building boldly told the story.

“It’s going down,” read the bright, vivid posters. The “it” the posters referred to was the building itself. And, as promised, on March 29 workers began demolishing the once home of Juxtaposition Arts. Though the building is going away, Juxtaposition Arts is still a welcomed resource for the community, with programs taking place at its 2007 Emerson Ave. N., building, just next to the old facility.

The reason for the demolition was explained on a Juxtaposition Arts Facebook post.

Last year as the winter ice and snow thawed, bricks began falling off of our building at the corner of Broadway and Emerson,” read the post. “The city inspector gave us two options: 1) repair the building or 2) tear it down. After talking with JXTA youth, artists, neighbors, and advisors we made a huge decision: It’s time to clear space for the future.

“We will take the next few years to dream and plan with the community about the future of the JXTA campus and our youth-staffed art and design micro-businesses. What might we all make possible that supports the creative genius of young people in North Minneapolis?”

The former building’s space will not go to waste. Juxtaposition Arts earlier announced it will transform the space into an outdoor skate/skateboard park. Partial construction of the park is expected to be complete by mid-summer.

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